Friday, May 6, 2016

Guest Post: Shabbat Praised

Shabbat Praised by Non-Jewish celebrity:

Katy Perry (a non-Jewish celebrity) recently said:

“I wish there was a thing like Shabbat that wasn’t particularly religious-based,
that was kind of a worldwide day where we’re not on our phones — like a movement…”

SOURCE: article titled: Pop Star Katy Perry Wishes for Weekly Worldwide
‘Shabbat’ to Disconnect From Social Media by Shiryn Ghermezian,
found in The Algemeiner, 2016 May 5

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Batya said...

Love it, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

She has openly admitted she sold her soul to satan and is not a role model by any stretch of the imagination.

Mr. Cohen said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for the warning,
but I ** NEVER ** claimed
that she is a role model.

Mr. Cohen