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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Israeli Flag

This is the season when you find flags all over Israel, the streets, the stores, cars and more. There's a great simplicity in the design and the pure colors, blue and white.

I ended up using a picture of the Israeli and Jerusalem flags for my 52Frames challenge this week because the theme was "Blue." Last week I got a tremp to Jerusalem that dropped me off not far from Jerusalem's Old City. That's where I took the picture:

"Blue and White, My Colors"
There's a well-known Israeli song, just over forty years old, "Blue and White, My Colors," "Kachol V'Lavan," http://www.hebrewsongs.com/?song=kacholvelavan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac57UhTnrP8
Blue and White are the colors of the Israeli Flag, and Israeli Independence Day will be celebrated in just a few days from now, so how could I resist the flag. I took this photograph outside of the Jerusalem Old City Walls. One flag is the Israeli Flag, and the other is the Jerusalem Flag.
The flag of Israel (Hebrew: דגל ישראל Degel Yisra'elArabic: علم إسرائيل 'Alam Isra'īl) was adopted on October 28, 1948, five months after the establishment of the State of Israel. It depicts a blue hexagram on a white background, between two horizontal blue stripes.
The blue colour is described as "dark sky-blue",[1] and varies from flag to flag, ranging from a hue of pure blue, sometimes shaded almost as dark as navy blue, to hues about 75% toward pure cyan and shades as light as very light blue.[2] The flag was designed for the Zionist Movement in 1891. The basic design recalls the Tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl, which is white with black or blue stripes. The symbol in the center represents the Star of David ("Magen David"), a Jewish symbol dating from late medieval Prague, which was adopted by the First Zionist Congress in 1897.[1]   Wikipedia

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