Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Yuck! Trump is Like All The Rest!

Why does political success close people's eyes to the truth?
re: Donald Trump

I had been hopefully optimistic when in earlier statements by US President Wannabe, Donald Trump, he had admitted that the situation here in the Middle East between Israel and the enemy Arabs is a lot more complicated than most like to admit, and there's no easy solution. But it seems that with the addition to his staff of the more conventional advisors and speechwriters, that he, too, has delusions that a "solution" can be brokered/invented/imposed.
Trump: I'd love to broker an Israel-PA peace deal
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Sunday said he would love to broker a peace settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians, The Jewish Insider reported.
Trump’s comments came during a campaign rally in Terre Haute, Indiana, where primaries will be held on Tuesday. Trump said that seeing Israel and the Palestinians sign on a peace deal would be a “beauty” in spite of the situation on the ground.
“I am going to try and make that deal just because – man, would that be a beauty – if you like deals. I like deals. I do deals. That would be great,” he said.
Yes, the closer they all get to power, the dumber they get. Why does political success close people's eyes to the truth?

All I can think of is that there's a visual similarity between the words:

eye   ego

If you don't read carefully, if you don't look at the actual letters, you can easily confuse them. This happens with certain types of "learning difficulties"/dyslexia-as umbrella term.

All I can say that the physical/graphic similarities between the two words are not coincidental at all. When the ego gets too large it replaces the eye, and that is how these "big" powerful people end up with the dumbest opinions and plans. Yes, it seems like Trump is no different from the rest of them. A plague on them all...

Still if I was to vote in American Presidential Elections I'd vote Republican, the least of the evils.

Concerning the State of Israel, our help and salvation come from Gd Almighty and our observing the Gd given Mitzvot. It doesn't really matter who rules other countries. Here in Israel we need a Government that recognizes that we are not like other countries, nor other nations, nor other religions. When we act correctly, then other countries will respect us, Gd willing.


Anonymous said...

What makes him a little different is that he is not a professional politician; otherwise, he gave to many candidates of both parties for years, because he thinks 'only' as a businessman. The big difference for him is that he is not part of the
'agenda' and thinks he can really change things to the better in many ways. Afraid he doesn't understand that he will, most likely, not have that 'power'.

Batya said...

very true, thanks

Garnel Ironheart said...

One of the things that makes Americans great is that they love to make deals. Compromise, negotiation, they love the thrill of it.
One of the things that makes Americans stupid is that they think everyone does, just like them.
So this is standard rhetoric. Trump is seeing this like a real estate deal. Sit down with the principles,identify the issues and negotiate an agreement to clear the deal.
Either that or there's some mystery law that says "thou shalt not admit there's no change for peace with the Arabs so just pretend like there's hope"

Jack Skuatt said...

Trump is the only alternative to Hillary or Sanders. Cruz cannot win.

Batya said...

Garnel Ironheart, yes for sure
Jack Skuatt, you are sure right about that!!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Everyone is assuming that we will get to elections and have a new, arrogant 'drunk on power' leader for America.

Let's remember that everyone who boarded the 'unsinkable' Titanic at Southampton assumed they would arrive at their destination, America, a few did, by other means.

Eventually God will have to sink this empire just as He did every previous one and I urge everyone to pay attention to Putin and his next moves on Obamanation.

Many will be in shock, never imagining that America could have been destroyed, actually believing it could never happen.

God eventually had enough with Sodom and Gomorrah and we have surpassed them.

Batya said...


Ole Andersen said...

I think it's too early to tell if he is just the same as the rest, better or worse? E.g. what did Obama say before he became president about his views on Israel (and marriage!) He has been a big liar and not at all a friend of Israel, as he said he would be. In the game of politics, sad to say, there are things that they "have to say", and what they do afterwards is a differet thing.

Ole Andersen said...

I think it's too early to tell if he is just the same as the rest, better or worse? E.g. what did Obama say before he became president about his views on Israel (and marriage!) He has been a big liar and not at all a friend of Israel, as he said he would be. In the game of politics, sad to say, there are things that they "have to say", and what they do afterwards is a differet thing.

Keli Ata said...

Yet another presidential election I won't be voting in. Abstaining from.

Batya said...

But still Trump is better than Hillary or Bernie.

Sharbano said...

Apparently I'll have to break this up

One thing many said was he wasn't pandering to Jews and Israel, especially when he said he would be neutral. One thing this relates to is 'negotiation'. You make the other side 'think' you are with them. He did have a meeting with a Jewish group and he did say that anything relating to Israel he would defer to his lawyer, an Orthodox Jew. He Trusts the man for his opinion.

One thing many became upset with was the 'bathroom law'. In one sense he was exactly right. He basically said the state should have never got involved. What have they done. They created a "law". A law which can be run through the courts. As it stands 'right now' it is a policy of the government only. By "creating" a statute it can be taken to SCOTUS. We ALREADY have an example of where the courts ARE on homosexuality. Even though large majorities voted against toeivah marriage the courts overturned the will of the people. It is a foregone conclusion this bathroom law would also be affirmed by the courts. At that point it would become "settled law" and the public would have to LIVE with it. If the court would be sympathetic to such laws THEN such laws Should be enacted. As it stands at the moment the alternative is as one state did, end the practice of state issued marriage licenses. Apparently, this began to prevent interracial marriage.

Sharbano said...

Next Part

One of the complaints was Trump is Not a conservative, as opposed to Cruz who is a Constitutional Conservative and part of that is "Free Markets". THIS is one reason why Conservatives will lose. There are just way too many who are not only Not doing well but in dire straits. One substantial issue is H1B and L-1 Visas. The Free Markets say it is incumbent upon business to make the most money and cut costs to no end. THIS is essentially what Carly Fiorina has said, the American worker notwithstanding. What we have found is there are a good many companies who will outsource American jobs and even to the point of having to train foreign replacements. It was Ted Cruz who wanted a 500% increase in this. A person cannot expect the public to want business to basically destroy communities for the purpose of the dollar. Trump points to China, and I happened upon a documentary just yesterday that was profiling a company IN China. This company provided Everything from the job, living quarters, food, and clothing. It reminded me of the days of serfdom. There were a few people with bicycle carts who attempted to sell food and the corporate enforcers came and shut them down. They told those people they would get a warning This time, as the cameras were rolling. This could be called the epitome of Free Markets.

Sharbano said...

Next Part

Many who consider themselves religious, especially Xtians are appalled at the "conduct". Of course it's not the type of values we would like to instill but what is for certain is the other side are ruthless and will stoop to the lowest to achieve their goals. That other side now has the audacity to complain of such conduct. This very well 'may' have the result of a reconsideration of such conduct. Who knows but when the left Does use these tactics it may be the media will begin to point out such duplicity. Never before has this even been considered. This is even more apparent with the reaction to the Rafael / Oswald connection. I actually think this was a tactic on Trump's part. There have been stories that Ted Cruz isn't the person he seems to portray to the public, as the confrontation of the Trump supporter seemed to portray him as a kind considerate individual. I suspect, in my opinion, that Trump would Know the reaction his remark would cause and what Ted's reaction would be. Sure enough, Ted became unhinged and many saw what those reports had detailed. It has confirmed what many that worked with him in the past have stated. A person just has to ask, WHY do SO many dislike the man, IF he is that congenial. A person can compare a similar man, Jeff Sessions who would probably be of the same philosophy but he is NOT so despised.

Sharbano said...

Last Part

No one knows what Trump would be like as a President. They are just making assumptions. I have watched a great deal of videos of Trump in the past and came away with the opinion this is a man who understands more than he is given credit for. When he was in front of a congressional hearing he showed how much he knows and the Republicans on the panel ALL agreed with Him.

One thing that I came to know was how unbelievable generous the man is. There are examples after examples after examples where he has heard of someone who had a need and he jumped right in to help. I was unaware he fought and filed suit against the practice in Florida of prohibiting blacks and Jews in clubs. In conclusion I simply cannot consider the man as something evil as there is more to any man than a single label.

Batya said...

Excellent points. Thanks for all the comments.

in the vanguard said...

I want to add my 2 cents.
I met Trump's son-in-law after a baseball game in the subway.
I took my kid and his 2 friends to a Yankees game.
He was with his friend, then chief-editor of the NY Observer mag.
The friend, seeing we held the door for them so they can still rush in,
gave the boys each a baseball cap. He had bought 4 of them and the
moment he saw the kids, he gave them each a $28 hat, keeping only
1 for himself. As a Chabadnik, I approached to ask if they were Jewish.
The son-in-law spoke to me and said he was "orthodox", telling me
where he davened. Later, when I browsed the NY Observer staff,
I realized to whom the son-in-law was married. At the time,
Trump was not yet at all in the general news. Only later, when he
began to run, I felt privileged to already "know" about the guy.
My gut instinct is Trump's a great person, judging from his talks,
and judging how he speaks of his daughter, who converted to
orthodox Yiddishkeit. That the couple are Chassidic or "modern"
orthodox means little. You can still be a good "orthodox" Jew;
After all, Yiddishkeit is always uphill; We all need to keep pumping
to do our best to elevate ourselves. I think Hashem will keep
American Jewry safe until Moshiach finally shows his face again.
(To be sure, with that despicable sly Muslim mole now usurping the
White House, I was having my doubts.)

Batya said...

Thanks so much for the inpit. All in all if I was to vote I would vote Trump