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Monday, May 9, 2016

Bibi's in USA's Top Ten Admired Men

Yesterday I blogged wondering if Donald Trump has a chance to win the United States Presidency. American polls keep saying that he hasn't, but in the latest UK-based YouGov Most Admired Men in the USA Poll, Trump is #8

Barack Obama10.3%Michelle Obama7.5%
Pope Francis8.2%Hillary Clinton6.0%
Bill Gates6.5%Ellen DeGeneres5.9%
Stephen Hawking5.2%Malala Yousafzai5.6%
Billy Graham5.2%Condoleeza Rice5.4%
Bernie Sanders5.0%Sandra Bullock4.9%
Jimmy Carter4.4%Barbara Bush4.5%
Donald Trump4.1%Laura Bush4.3%
Dalai Lama3.7%Elizabeth Warren4.3%
Benjamin Netanyahu3.7%Angelina Jolie4.0%
George W Bush3.5%Oprah Winfrey3.6%
Johnny Depp3.4%Meryl Streep3.3%
Bill Clinton3.3%Queen Elizabeth II3.3%
Ben Carson3.1%Kate Middleton3.2%
Warren Buffett2.9%Sarah Palin2.8%
Jon Stewart2.3%Taylor Swift2.7%
Brad Pitt2.2%Celine Dion2.6%
Ted Cruz2.0%Carly Fiorina2.3%
Mark Zuckerberg1.9%Emma Watson2.2%
Mitt Romney 
1.9%Jennifer Lawrence2.0%

And take a look at who is two places under Trump, it's our very own Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu!

Do you remember not that long ago when Netanyahu was invited by the Republicans to speak to Congress and the Democrats had fits? Obama and his cronies fear Bibi, because Bibi has points that POTUS and staff can't or don't want to answer.  You may very well know that I don't agree with everything Netanyahu says or does, but he's certainly much better than the American President. And Netanyahu's knowledge of World History etc is unbeatable.

It's interesting that, with the exception of Trump, all the other Republicans are less popular than Bibi is. This poll does show that the American Left is strong. Obama, Sanders and even Jimmy Carter are ahead of Trump.

Yes, for good or for bad, it is just a poll. Don't forget that. Still food for thought....


Netivotgirl said...

I am far from being a 'Bibi fan,' but let's face it: We couldn't have a policitican with better public relations than Bibi. Not since Abba Ebban have we had and orator this distinguished in English. (The fact that he doesn't act upon his words is another issue!!) I find it ridiculous that he is two spots above.... Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp? Whatever has HE done except be born with the genes of a knockout good looking guy? Ridiculous! And the women's side of the list is worse.(With a few exceptions such as Malala Yousafzai.) Indeed, Angelina Jolie is not simply gorgeous; she does great charity work the world over. Still and all, while I'd prefer Bibi ACT on his words, it is a pleasure hearing him speak and this poll shows that those abroad appreciate him more than Barak OBUMa. Great post, Batya!!

Netivotgirl said...

Typo correction: "Those abroad appreciate him more than Barak OBUMa DOES."

Mr. Cohen said...

The presidency of Jimmy Carter was a pathetic failure.

How could anyone admire him, unless they hate America?

PS: Please check out these pro-Israel web sites:

www.camera.org * www.HonestReporting.com * www.memri.org
www.ActForAmerica.org * www.aish.com * www.IsraelLawCenter.org

Batya said...

NG thanks and good points.
Mr Cohen and he is also rabidly anti-Israel

Batya said...

NG thanks and good points.
Mr Cohen and he is also rabidly anti-Israel