Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nobody Wants Herzog in Coalition but Bibi and Buji

"Just not Buji;" Just not Bibi"
Bibi Buji
That was the election campaign. 
More on the talks PM Netanyahu has been having with Isaac Buji Herzog about his joining the very minimalist coalition. The other day, in Jeremy's blog, it was written that the polls show that the Israeli public does not want to see Labor aka Zionist Union in the coalition. Polls are showing that Herzog's support is quickly waning and moving to Yair Lapid en masse. So, right now, Herzog with a possible 24 MKs is highly overvalued, and he's trying to take advantage of it.
18 [11] Yesh Atid
17 [24] Zionist Union

Do you support Zionist Union joining the government?

General Public: 52% No, 24% Yes, 24% Don’t know
Zionist Union voters: 60% No, 36% Yes, 4% Don’t know
So, it's pretty obvious that Buji sees Bibi as his lifeline to political survival. Jeremy's latest post concentrates on the question of whom the public wants to see joining the coalition, Knesset Channel Poll: 41% want Liberman to join Netanyahu Government.

All these political machinations just show us how far removed coalition politics is from the will of the people.

Will Bibi and Buji make a deal?
Let's see what they haggle out. And I have no doubts that Herzog really want in, because it's his last chance, though he most probably won't manage to take all his MKs with him. The big question is if the deserters will go independent or join Yair Lapid. What do you think and why? Please comment, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sure that orders have come from the 'outside' to make sure that it goes even farther left than it already is. Doubt if anything is said or done without being told. Sadly, citizens have lost their say because there is no unity within the public to stand up and say NO.

Shiloh said...

We get what we deserve and remember, the world is a reflection of us. God is sending us a message but we don't get it. If people were not filled with such hatred, and both the chiloni and dati are filled with it (the dati should atleast know better but they don't) maybe things would be different. But those following traditions of men who inflate their ego's believing they are doing the will of God but in fact are NOT according to the prophets are the biggest problem. The Dati will infact reject the coming messiah because he will NOT be a follower of tradition. Hope you all can understand that God decides, NOT you all!! Get it yet?

Batya said...

A yes
Shiloh this is not a religious thing

Neshama said...

Did you notice how Netanyahu skillfully drew (Naive) Herzog close to estimate his true intentions and then dropped the Liberman bomb on the negotiations?

Neshama said...

"...Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon . . . amid reports that he would be replaced by Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman."

Do I believe my eyes?

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is another one who is not good for 'religious' Jews. Doesn't matter, they're all the same. Praying for geulah!

Batya said...

Neshama, never dull. Bibi's quite a con man. And Labor is totally breaking apart. Maybe that's part of Bibi's plan...