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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Antisemitism "Alive and Well" All Over

Here in Israel, as part of the preparations for Israeli Independence Day, we commemorate the Holocaust in which millions, six million is the accepted number, of Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their allies.

The Holocaust (Photo Credit: Tom Parry)

Yad Veshem, tries to avoid the "M word" and uses a passive rather wimpy way of describing those deaths.
This really gets me angry, because I see the verb as the resulting death in a natural disaster:
"...perished in a flood..."
"...perished in an avalanche..."
Nature, or Gd, is at fault, not human hateful and immoral ideology. The use of the word/verb "perish" removes the guilt of the humans behind the Holocaust. And by removing human guilt it makes it easier to deny the continued antisemitism that still exists all over the world.

Many historians bring up the very valid point that the Nazis could not have succeeded with their plan if it not had been for the help, assistance and support of others, especially in the countries it conquered.

It was rare for someone to help and assist Jews trying to hide and flee. After the war, the few survivors who attempted to return to their own homes were on the most part encouraged and urged to quickly flee again, because their neighbors did not want to return their homes and possessions.

Today, headlines still tell us that nothing has changed. Hatred of Jews, antisemitism is all over.
Swastikas spray-painted in largely Jewish DC suburb
Labour head's charity funds Palestinian terror incitement
Please add your own headlines in the comments, thanks.


Marcel Cousineau said...

It's always the same, only very few souls are willing to take a stand against evil, very, very few. The rest bury their heads in the sand in denial and silence our of fear and, or an evil heart that is OK with evil rising up and triumphing as we see with the world today... again.

In Germany during the Third Reich there were few Christians who took a stand and most were like they are today, silent and in hiding.
We know the testimony of Corrie Ten Boom in the Nazi death camp for her and her family’s helping the Jews.
There was another very small group of young Germans (White Rose) who took a costly stand while the majority, terrorized by fear, intimidated by the Third Reich remained silent.
This is the time to pray for the strength to stand in the coming dark hour.
It’s only temporary.

White Rose

Batya said...