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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump is Right Not to Visit Israel Now


There are two major reasons why Donald Trump should not pay the traditional POTUS wannabe visit to Israel.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is hesitant on the issue of a possible visit to Israel, despite reports last week that Republican Jews are laying the groundwork for such a trip in the coming weeks, The Jewish Insider reported Monday. (Arutz 7)

  1. It's conventional and phony.
  2. It's bad for Netanyahu.
We all remember that visits of previous candidates over the years and the lies they told of how they love and support and understand the security problems and Arab terrorism against Israel and Israelis. And then once elected, the same candidates show their true colors and suddenly haven't a clue about the dangers of arab terrorism. I'm sure that most real thinking Israelis just don't want Trump, who has prided himself on his unconventional and refreshingly honest campaign to play the old game and read the old scripts.  Not even Hillary is talking about coming, and she would bring great pro-Israel speechwriters who would make her sound more pro-Israel than Golda Meir. In all honesty, "pro-Israel" is no longer a vote-getter for American Presidential wannabes. 

And in all honesty, I don't think that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants for be pushed into any sort of involvement in American elections. The Americans, especially those supporting Hillary, were behind the big "anybody but Bibi" aka V15 campaign against him, just over a year ago. Netanyahu is playing the high road now and does not want to be involved in any way or form in the American campaign. It is best for both him and Trump to stay out, and one way is for Trump to stay out of Israel. He can visit after his victory, and no doubt such a visit will be planned and planned well.


Yitzchak said...

A week later, & he's announced his visit!!! In July before the Republican convention in Cleveland on July 18. (It's all over the news).

Batya said...

Now that he has enough delegates it is less problematic