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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Witness to History, Sybil Kaplan

As I've said many times, for me and my peers what others call history is what we remember and have experienced. I've known Sybil Kaplan for half a century, starting in New York City when we both were involved with Israeli Folk Dance. And then later, we both made aliyah in 1970 by boat, though different sailings.

It was due to Sybil that my articles appeared for many years in the National Jewish Post & Opinion. And to prove that I'm not just bragging, my name (and my husband's) can be found in Sybil's recently self-published book, "Witness to History." You can purchase the book by contacting her directly.

Sybil concentrates her book on the ten years she had lived in Jerusalem throughout the 1970's. Her book is based on her hundreds of articles written during that time, when she was one of the most prolific free lance writers in Israel. Her specialties were food and the immigrant experience.

Sybil's most well-known and still requested book is "Wonders of the WonderPot," in which she explains how to use and gives recipes for that iconic Israeli stove-top cooking device.

One of the repeating themes in Witness to History is the difficulties Israelis once had getting phone lines and having them transferred from home to home, especially problematic for someone like Kaplan who was always renting.  Compare that to today's Israeli who has easily purchased and relatively inexpensive multiple phone lines.

Today Israel is one of the most modern and technologically advanced countries in the world. In 1970, when we made aliyah, there were many difficulties, and today's olim (new immigrants) should read Sybil's book just to see how quickly things have progressed here. Everyone with an interest in modern Jewish/Israeli history will find amazing facts that can't be found anyplace else. Yes, I did enjoy the book very much. It brought me back to those early days...

It's obvious that Witness to History is a book of love by Sybil and her husband Barry, who are both so happy to finally be living in their beloved Jerusalem.


YMedad said...

she lived had in Jerusalem

Batya Medad said...


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Yes, Israel has made great progress but the elevators are still straight out of the 1960's in most places.

Batya Medad said...

What? There were no the elevators in the 1960's here in Israel!

Erika Dreifus/Fig Tree Books said...

Wonderful to learn about this via the Jewish Book Carnival.

Batya Medad said...

Yes thanks