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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Guest Post: Evil Logic Explained

Unfortunately for us Jews, the so-called "Two State Solution" is perfectly logical when viewed from the perspective of the European Union and the Obama Administration.

This is their evil logic:

Sacrifice Jewish lives and/or Israel to appease Muslims and Arabs. 
The European Union and the Obama Administration receive the benefit of peace in the short-run [which is the only thing our short-sighted world seems to care about most-of-the-time] and they PAY NO PRICE, because the price is paid by Jews and Israel.

NOTE: Compare this to Neville Chamberlain’s infamous "peace in our time" comment. The Obama Administration is even worse than Neville Chamberlain, because President Obama only cares about peace until he is no-longer-President.

Viewed from the perspective of the European Union and the Obama Administration, the "Two State Solution" is more than just perfectly logical; it is actually brilliant, because it enables them to receive a great benefit, with the price being paid by someone else, someone else they dislike:
Israel and Jews.

This is like going to an expensive restaurant, and not paying anything for the food you ate, because you were clever-enough to trick someone-you-hate into paying for your food.

Another benefit [more evil logic] of the so-called "Two State Solution", when viewed from the perspective of the European Union and the Obama Administration, is that the Europeans and Obama get a chance to destroy Israel [G_d forbid], but in a way which is sufficiently-indirect to give them plausible-deniability. Plausible deniability means that they can claim innocence, when in truth they are far-from-innocent.  Even more importantly, plausible deniability means that the American Democratic Party can avoid losing Jewish votes and avoid losing Jewish donations, no matter how much they harm Israel.

In conclusion, the "Two State Solution" is perfectly logical; BUT ONLY for the European Union and the Obama Administration and Muslims.  
When viewed from the perspective of Israel and Jews, it is a disaster.
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Marcel Cousineau said...

Unfortunately for us Jews, the so-called "Two State Solution" has been accepted and followed by the majority of Jews of Israel and 99% of American Jews, and the grasshopper government of Israel that can't stand up to a light breeze.

It's not 'Obama Administration', it's America, WAKE UP!!!

How sad that not even you can come out with the truth that it has been US GOVERNMENT POLICY to carve up Israel, Jimmy Carter taught the Jews to retreat for lies and crap, cold peace with Egypt.
That started Israel's downhill slide.

It's been US GOVERNMENT policy, Democrats and Republican's for the final solution since Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn in 1993 under Clinton and the same agenda has moved forward ever since with Republican George Bush threatening Ariel Sharon into withdrawing from Gaza which led to Hamastan, Gaza and rockets on Israel's cities.

Whats it going to take for reality to kick in ?

Anonymous said...

It's logical for today's Jews to have no deep connection or connection at all to the Land of Israel, as, r'l, so many have thrown away their connection to H', His Torah and our beloved Land. For them it is logical to want to share what they have no right to give to anyone to share.
Unless they truly repent, they will eventually find the truth but it will not be with ease. For the Jew who puts his faith, trust and heart in nations and materialism, it's as if they had lost their souls. May every real yehudi find his way back to Hashem.

Batya Medad said...

Chamberlain didn't givevhis own country away.