Monday, March 21, 2016

Havel Havelim 18 Post Blog Roundup

Since for the past I don't know I'm the only one hosting Havel Havelim, the long running (or limping) international Jewish blog roundup, I've changed it from an unlimited number of posts to only eighteen, 18. About an hour ago, I announced on facebook that I'm accepting links from bloggers (or blog readers.) A couple have arrived in the (email) post, and they will be featured along with some of mine and some I have found.

Havel Havelim has a facebook page, which you're invited to join. If you'd like to host a roundup like this under the esteemed title "Havel Havelim," please let me know, thanks . I certainly never expected to be the only host. I just don't want to let it die out completely. I think there is still a need and audience for a blog carnival of Jewish and Israeli blog posts. There was a time when we were quite a community and even had large get togethers.  But enough with the past.

Let me know which is your favorite post or two or three, and also let me know which other blogs you like and think should be included. And remember that you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share HAVEL HAVELIM!!

I hope that long winded introduction didn't send you scrolling for something else to read.  Let's get on with the show! (I am just listing linked blog post titles to whet the appetite.)

Considering the Custom for Washing Hands on Shabbat and Holidays Before Kiddush
Amazing Medical Innovations in One Glance!
Welcome to March's Jewish Book Carnival!
Nice Crowd at Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet Prayers
Purim: The Story of Esther, Typical Hidden Female
Let's compare Columbia's pro-Israel and anti-Israel faculty, shall we?
Israeli Flowers in January
Count Our Blessings We Are Not Arabs
A Guide for a Mindful Purim
Purim Is Coming!
Banquets and the Jewish Question
Baile Rochel, "What? Me an Athlete?"
"Logic" versus "Two State Solution"
Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedakah: Wrong Season?
A Centenary Approaching
PalNazis Laughing Their Heads Off at Biden
Purim; Serious or Fun?
It is Better to be Feared Than Loved

I hope that my count is accurate. There should be eighteen posts here.

Enjoy the posts. Comment and share, thanks. And please let the bloggers know that you found them here in HAVEL HAVELIM!!

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