Thursday, March 10, 2016

US VP Biden's Crooked Tunnel Vision

No surprise, but I'm really annoyed at the very selective condemnations of Arab terror coming out of American officials:
Biden condemns Jaffa terror attack upon arrival in Israel
At meeting with Peres a short distance from the stabbing, visiting US vice president expresses sorrow over death of American tourist murdered in the attack.
US Vice President Joe Biden meets with former Israeli president Shimon Peres at the Peres Center for Peace in Jaffa, March 8, 2016. (photo credit:ELAD MALKA)

Now, someone truly against terror in general aka a truly morally honest person, would condemn all of the Arab terror attacks against Jews, but it's obvious that the American Government, from POTUS Obama on down have no problem in principle with Arab attacking innocent Jews. They see them as noble "freedom fighters." And extreme Leftist Peres, so enamored with the attentions of the American Vice President, didn't think of asking Biden why he hadn't condemned all of the Arab terrorists who had been so busy attacking Jews on Tuesday to celebrate the visit.

Tuesday was one of those awful bloody days in which Arab terrorists went hyper keeping newshounds on the run from terror attack to terror attack.

When will Americans, and Europeans, international faux moralists and Israeli Leftists stop fantasizing that Abbas is a moderate capable of "making peace" sic with Israel?
Abbas’ Fatah Praises ‘Heroic Martyr’ Who Murdered U.S. Veteran

( – Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah organization on Wednesday praised as a “heroic martyr” the killer of West Point graduate and U.S. Army veteran Taylor Force, according to an Israel-based media monitoring group.
On its Facebook page, Fatah posted a sketch of a man’s hand holding a knife over a map of “Palestine,” Palestinian Media Watch reported. Across the map is written “Bashar Masalha,” the name of the 22 year-old Palestinian who stabbed Force and 11 others in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area on Tuesday.
Written on the arm of the person holding the knife in the sketch are the words, “the heroic martyr.”
They willfully misjudge him. The reason is simple. They really want the State of Israel to be destroyed. There can be no other reason. Abbas's Fatah has always been clear about its ultimate aim. I have no patience whatsoever for anyone in the world, especially Israelis and Jews who insist on lying to themselves about the true and unhidden agenda of the Arabs.


Marcel Cousineau said...

'When will Americans, and Europeans, international faux moralists and Israeli Leftists stop fantasizing that Abbas is a moderate capable of "making peace" sic with Israel?'
We already know how much allah's Palestinian's want to die in the act of killing Jews so they can go to their paradise.
Send them there BEFORE they act, in large numbers without apology to anyone.

Look at them as Nazi's who need to be defeated before they defeat you and quit trying to treat them like nice, civilized normal human being and victims.


When will Israel take real decisive action (send Abbas to hell along with the Palestinian's) American's, European's, International hypocrites be damned ?

Quit crying about everyone else and do something yourself, by yourself, ISRAEL.

You are supposed"(?) to be a free and independent nation where 'never again' used to mean something.

Start a nation wide angry,serious,hard protest until Netanyahu does something real, big and substantial or he is driven from office and replaced with a PM with sharp, cutting teeth that ends this threat for good and sends a message to the followers of the religion of peace.

Batya said...

Simply put. We need leaders

Mr. Cohen said...

Verses of Violence in The Koran:

20 Violent Quran verses:
Please help Shurat HaDin SUE the terrorists in court:

Shurat HaDin’s victory for Israel on FaceBook:

Thank you!

PS: Check out these pro-Israel web sites: * * * *

Sammy Finkelman said...

I don't think Fatah wants Israel to be destroyed. Fatah wants to get money from governments that want Israel to be....well, actually they realize Israel doesn't have to be destroyed to preserve their dictatorshipa, but they want Israel isolated from the Arab world.

Fatah would be committing suicide if it got what it seems to be aiming at.

Mr. Cohen said...

Sammy Finkelman, are you the Sammy Finkelman from the synagogue in Bensonhurst?

If you are, then we once met each other in the synagogue in Bensonhurst around 20 years ago.


Verses of Violence in The Koran:

20 Violent Koran verses:

Marcel Cousineau said...

'I don't think Fatah wants Israel to be destroyed'

When is the last time you saw a Fatah map of what used to be Israel ?

It's been out there for decades.

Did you forget Arafat's favorite song ? Jews into the sea

Why are so many Jews so naive and soooo easily deceived ?

Go back to sleep Sammy.

Shiloh said...

Batya, what does this say about our leaders if the world is treating us this way? We don't stand up for ourselves, the world knows it, the Arabs despise weakness. We are the problem, not the stick.

Batya said...

Of course Fatah, Hamas et al want Israel destroyed, but what they don't want is a state which would mean responsibilities.
Shiloh, when we stop trying to be amenable, then the world will treat us better.