Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guest Post:NYT vs Israel

New York Times vs Israel
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said this on 2015/10/29:
“In the genocidal war being waged against the Jewish people,
the New York Times is an accomplice.”

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said this on 2013/11/29:
"Many of the Israel’s most prominent and hateful critics are Jews who become willful tools of those who wish to destroy the Jewish state and bitterly oppose any expression of Jewish nationalism. Some of them traditionally write for the New York Times."
People who purchase the New York Times are also accomplices, because their purchases support the New York Times financially, so the NYT can continue its relentless anti-Israel bias. 
It is my sincere personal belief that people who purchase the New York Times will be PUNISHED for it on Yom HaDin, the Great Day of Judgment.
This will include thousands of Jews who claim to be Orthodox, who continue the purchase the New York Times even though they should know better.  I sincerely urge all people who still purchase the New York Times to repent before it is too late.


New York Times says: Wipe Israel off the map!

Friends don’t let friends drink and drive.
Friends don’t let friends read the New York Times.

PS: Check out these pro-Israel web sites: * * * *


Anonymous said...

Many Jews have given up buying the NYSlimes a number of years ago, but there are still those who consider themselves orthodox and buy that newspaper(?). The owners are no longer Jewish (intermarriage) and even when they were supposedly still Jewish, they weren't.
Any Jew who still buys their paper is also definitely an accomplice to anti-semitism. As the Torah tells us 'from within will come your worst enemies'.

Batya said...

Mr Cohen thanks