Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BDS Impoverishes Arabs

Do you remember the SodaStream saga? That's the case when BDS, which claims to answer to a higher moral authority, insisted that it was immoral/illegal for SodaStream to have a factory in Mishor Adumim. It didn't bother the BDS people that the factory employed lots of Arabs, and Jews, too. And the Arabs would be unemployed if the factory closed.

Employees pack boxes of the SodaStream product at the factory in Maaleh Adumim. (photo credit:REUTERS)

No surprise but nobody came to the rescue of these Arabs, and the Left, Israeli and international, didn't care that there was harmony between the Jews and Arabs there... Of course, no surprise that SodaStream capitulated to the demands and closed the factory, throwing loyal workers out of their jobs. SodaStream built a factory in the Negev, which was fine for BDS and also fine for the Israeli workers and the new workers, but it was bad news for the Arabs who had been working there.

It's a lot harder for the Arabs to get a work permit to work in the Negev than it was to work in Mishor Adumim. So, whom do you think is getting blamed?
BDS? No, That would be too logical.The Israeli Government, Yes, of course. Any excuse to blame Bibi!
I blame Bibi for being weak, not for making the Arabs lose their jobs. Bibi hasn't effectively taken on the BDS and shown the world what antisemitic phonies they are. And not only is the BDS anti-semitic and anti-Israel, they don't really like the Arabs either....

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