Thursday, March 3, 2016

We Must Do More Than Demolish Homes of Arab Terrorists!

Roi Harel
Hezki Ezra
This "wave" of Arab terrorism against Jews must be stopped! So far nothing has really been helping. Most Israelis breathe a sigh of relief when we hear that the terrorists were executed on the spot. At least those ones won't have another chance to kill, and it means that our taxes won't pay for their room, board, education, medical care and entertainment in jail. In addition it's a big mistake to jail the Arab terrorists as ordinary criminals offering them fair trials and a podium to speak to the world.

Jailing an Arab terrorist turns him/her into a celebrity among Arab society. And the Israeli and internationally supported PA-Palestinian Authority then pays the family a generous stipend. That is why many Arabs try to kill Jews; the family needs money.
Abbas: Terror wave is a 'legitimate peaceful protest'
PA chairman says the current "intifada" is nothing but a "popular peaceful uprising”, refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
It's nice to hear that the Israeli Government has announced that it's planning on demolishing the homes of the terrorists who violently axed the guard in the Maale Adumim Mall and tried to kill Roi Harel, the young father in Eli.

This will only be effective if there are periodic inspections to make sure that nobody has built them new homes. Let them be taken to a border crossing and forced to leave the country.  And I'm not talking about to the terrorist Abbas's neighborhood...  Generally, the PA-Palestinian Authority also rebuilds the terrorists' homes, better and better.That's why they stand to gain and haven't stopped attacking Jews.

And why do we keep handing over the bodies of the arab terrorists, when Hamas holds the bodies of our soldiers? We should bury them in hidden graves until all of our soldiers are returned. That's the only language the Arabs understand. To them it's normal to hold the bodies hostage. Being nice will not teach Arab terrorists to be humane. It will only encourage them to terrorize us more!


Anonymous said...

completely agree! The terrorist needs to die, his family needs to be deported, preferably syria, or someplace equally unpleasant. why does the average citizen understand this but our government completely fails too.

Batya said...

Thanks! Glad we agree!

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The problem is that we must resist Arab aggression without become Arab-like ourselves. This demands a fine balance. It would be nice to have a policy whereby we smear the bodies of dead Arab terrorists with pigs' blood before dumping them in downtown Ramallah as a warning but doing that might lead to worse behaviours and not just involving Arabs.

Batya said...

Tempting but not us.
Just spread the word that they got it wrong about what will happen to terrorists after death. How can we spread the word that such murderers will be raped by 72 bullies?

Anonymous said...

All this was and is needless, all because those at the top heed the nations, but not the Creator.

Batya said...

And it must stop!