Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trump Got a Real Speechwriter, And a Teleprompter, Too

Apparently, Donald Trump, who is used to trusting people, otherwise he wouldn't be able to have big businesses, has trusted his speeches to some real pros. And there are pros and cons about that.

  • It means that Trump knows that he needs help.
  • The campaign may get more boring.
  • His first big professional speech was at AIPAC, and he needed to use a teleprompter.
For those who still insist that he's some sort of clown, this is bad news, because it shows that he's no joke. His AIPAC speech was great. And yes, like I've said a gazillion times, a speech is just a speech. But for those who don't want him to be elected because they think he's bad for Israel, even before the speech I keep telling people that for sure he won't be worse than the others. And we all know that the "other" the only one is Hillary, and Hillary can only be trusted to lie. And if she pulls an Olmert and ends up in jail, then the Democrats only have Bernie Sanders. And Bernie Sanders is a sincere extreme Leftist, who doesn't even bother with the usual mantras about Israel.

I know that a lot of people don't agree with me, but it seems like the American "silent majority" does want Donald Trump. And I wish that American Jewry would stop insisting that the top mitzvah is voting Democrat. It's not a mitzvah. I can't understand how they worship the party that sent Jewish refugees back to the Nazis.

I don't expect anything great from any candidate and that includes Trump. But I do expect bad stuff from most others. Unlike most politicians, he knows how to administer and how to pick competent staff. 

And the truth is that I have no faith nor admiration for any of the Israeli politicians. That's why I'm getting such a kick out the Trump campaign.

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