Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Shevat Bet? A Joyless Adar Alef

Adar, whether the year has one or two, is supposed to be a time for joy. But this year I've been to too many funerals and shiva (comforting the mourner) visits. Just short of a month ago, when we celebrated Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef, I commented to many that the fruit trees looked so bare of flowers that it seemed much more like we should call the month Shevat Bet, the Second Shevat. That's because there were almost no signs of a שקידיה פורחת Shakadiya Porachat, Almond trees blooming on TU B'Shvat this year. I was certain that we'd be waiting until Adar Bet (the Second Adr) to see the pink and white flowers.

I was wrong. This Adar Alef suddenly had a heatwave, and the fruit trees have not only bloomed, but the petals have already fallen wastefully to the ground. And not only that, but young people have died. Friends and neighbors have lost children.

It has not been a joyful Adar Alef. I have seen too many graves and shed too many tears.

I'm writing this post the day before it is to be posted. The day of posting, the day you'll see this article is the 29th of Adar Alef. There is to be one more day of the month, but that day is already Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet.

May the true joy begin and may all the mourners be comforted. We need some smachot, joyful news and joyful occasions. Gd willing...


Netivotgirl said...

Amen! You are so very right! Spot on as usual dear Batya!

Anonymous said...

Batya dear Batya,

I too read the news of these horrid senseless killing by savages.

I can feel the pain of those families who have lost someone and so tragically.

What a shame that the leaders of Eretz Israel do not feel the pain. Or do they??
If they did or do then why are they not putting a stop to it!

The only thing one can hang on to, even though sometimes, to me it makes no sense is: Hashem is in charge.

I just pray that Mashiach comes soon.

a noahide.. feeling your pain.. :(

Batya said...

NG thanks dear friend.
SC thank you

Neshama said...

It seems their notice of the senseless killings is expressed as taking away gun licenses from citizens, making them defenseless. So reports Honenu.

Maybe its time to pick up the kitchen knives in retaliation!

Batya said...

Kitchen knives are not the way.

Anonymous said...

I think FULL trust ONLY in Hashem, along with teshuva...

and prayer that leaders of Israel open their eyes.

May Mashiach come soon..

Anonymous said...

True, only trust and faith in Hashem; but the citizens must be armed and each family must own at least one gun. It is totally insane for a country at war of terrorism to have its citizens defenseless. The insanity that has been going for the last 1/2 year is unconscionable. The prime minister must require the Jewish population to be constantly armed when they are outside of their homes and each family given a weapon.
Otherwise, he is not doing his job. The first requirement for any leader of any nation is protection if its citizens. Of course, all this would be unnecessary if the IDF were to do its job by eliminating the lethal threat of terrorism within its borders. The Jewish way is the way of Dovid Hameleh who went out with the Torah in one hand and his weapon in the other when at war!

Anonymous said...

Very well said Anonymous!!

Torah in one hand and weapon in the other!

Also they say "Gd helps those who help them selves".
So when Hashem sees, H-s people standing up for themselves, then Hashem will come with His might, and rout the enemy of H-s Chosen Nation!!

Oh, i pray this happens, people have to wake up, and wake the govt up.

Hashem bless and protect Am Israel.

May sanity prevail with the govt of Israel.

Batya said...

Gd wants actions from us, not just prayers. We were given responsibility for This World and we are failing badly as a nation/people. Gd will help if we act correctly according to Torah and Mitzvot.