Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Logic" versus "Two State Solution"

There's an interesting headline on the Israel page of Reuters:
Israel says not convinced by 'logic' of French peace initiative
Israel said it was struggling to "understand the logic" of a French peace initiative favored by the Palestinians after Israeli foreign ministry officials met with a French envoy in Jerusalem on Monday.
France is lobbying for an international peace conference before May that would outline incentives and give guarantees for Israelis and Palestinians to resume face-to-face talks before August and try to end a decades-long conflict... (Reuters)
Now, I'd take that a bit further than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has taken it. I don't see any logic in Bibi's pro-Palestinian sic state policy. No matter how you slice it, no matter what minimal conditions you may demand before the "approval" of such a state, I don't see any logic in it.

I think it's important to go back a lot further than November 29, 1947, when the United Nations approved the establishment of the State of Israel to get to the root of the "conflict," sic. A little history may help.

  • There have always been Jews living in the Land of Israel, even during the "exile."
  • There have always been attacks on Jews by Arabs and others, such as the Crusaders, over the millennia since the end of the Jewish Kingdoms. 
  • With the rise of various European nationalisms, the idea of a Jewish nationalism aka Zionism began, and Jews who returned to the Land of Israel were attacked.
  • When the League of Nations entrusted Great Britain with the Palestinian Mandate to establish a Jewish State, GB sabotaged it by limiting Jewish immigration and supporting the Arabs who attacked Jews.
  • After the fledgling United Nations approved the establishment of a Jewish State, Britain continued its sabotage of it and its support of the Arabs. 
  • Miraculously, the State of Israel defeated the combined Arab forces in its War of Independence, 1948. 
Have you noticed that all of this, yes, all these attacks on Jews happened well before the 1967 Six Days War? The so-called  "conflict" has nothing to do with Israel's liberation of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Golan and the Jordan Valley. Placating Arab terrorists with land and the trappings of a state won't stop them from attacking Jews. There's no logic in expecting thousands of years of Arab terror against Jews to end by inventing a "State of Palestine." That is especially when those ruling today's PA- Palestinian Authority have made it very clear that their aim is to wipe out Israel, replace it. Peace with Israel is not on their menu.


Marcel Cousineau said...

'France is lobbying for an international peace conference before May that would outline incentives and give guarantees for Israelis....'

The word 'guarantees' caught my attention as well as Israel 'struggling'.

On the French guarantees, I have a positive outlook.

Just as we saw when Israel punished to people of Gush Katif in 2005 with retreat for Hamas rockets, I am positive that any further withdrawals, any insane talk of a Palestinian state will lead to even greater catastrophe for all of Israel.
Is Israel suicidal to please the worthless international community is the big question ?here.

No grasshoppers allowed

If Israel's leaders made things clear, there would be no struggle and the final solution process would have died long ago and there would be no need for any French final solution conference.

What Israel needs to find are leaders who DO NOT struggle with this fact and accept the whole blessed pie from God, all the land He has alloted to Israel,
and stop trying to self destruct by struggling with false friends and false allies who are always counseling Israel to disobey God for rockets, death and jihad in return and never any peace.

Guarantee's ?
A true Israel leader would slap the worthless French hard for this great insult.
They can't guarantee a thing nor can anyone else.

God has all the guarantees Israel needs.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Don't be so hard on Bibi. He figured out what Ehud Barak figured out in 2000 - The Arabs make the perfect invite for dinner because you can invite them as much as you want and they never show up.

Batya said...

It can never work

Marcel Cousineau said...

Don't be so hard on Bibi.

Does he get a pass for releasing all those Islamic (Palestinian) terrorists who have gone out to kill many innocent Jews again ?

How shameful.

How about a pass because he didn't even have any political clout or backbone, NONE, to forcefully demand the release of Pollard from a supposed friendly government LONG, LONG, LONG AGO ?
He folded like the wimp he has always been and that's why Israel is always getting the bad deals.

A pass for nearly shutting down homebuilding in Judea and Samaria in a deceptive way in order to please his masters ?

A pass for always rewarding the Palestinians with tax money, food, free electricity for killing Jews ?

For being the consummate and devious politician who always says one thing and does the opposite thing?

For capitulating to the final solution of the US,EU,UN ?

For trusting the US, EU, UN to deal effectively with Iran instead of taking Israel's security in Israel's hands alone ?

For what he did to those families in Migron in the middle of the night and using Arabs to throw out their belongings ?

These are but a few of the many, many things that he was not held accountable for and so you will get more of the same Benji the Poodle failures.

No wonder he gets away with so many bad things, he's got so many making excuses for his gross failures.

How sad that he has gotten an easy pass from those like you who do not expect anything else but empty speeches from him.

Marcel Cousineau said...

..... and worst of all, for twice failing to defeat Hamas when he had the opportunity.

The first time he let Hillary fly in our broom to stop the IDF. He capitulated like the good lap dog he has always been.

The second time when Obama and Secretary Kerry came to the rescue of Hamas before certain defeat, the terrible Netanyahu failed again to defeat Hamas and so now Israel has more missiles from the north and south in it's immediate future.

Will He ever be held accountable for what is coming to Israel because of his failure to defeat Hamas ?

Batya said...

Sadly right. We need a leader not a politician.