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Monday, March 28, 2016

Safety Tremping- Are The New Poles Safer Than Cement Blocks?

Yesterday, while on the bus on the way to work, while passing Ofra I saw that the cement blocks protecting trempistim aka hitchhikers were being replaced by brightly colored  poles.

going north, towards Shiloh, Eli, Ariel etc

going north, towards Shiloh, Eli, Ariel etc
going south, towards Jerusalem

Even though these poles are installed well and into the ground, I am not impressed, nor am I comforted nor feel safer. The security experts first started putting in poles to protect bus stops and hose waiting, after the terrorist rammed into us twenty years ago. They do protect a bit when the weapon is a regular car. But I always felt much safer when able to hid behind those cement barriers if there would be a shooting attack by terrorists.

No, Baruch Hashem and bli eyin haraa, (not the tempt the Evil Eye,) I was never shot at. But while waiting for buses and tremps (rides) I do rehearse in my mind how to hide from danger. And considering the amount of shooting attacks, I don't think that the cement barriers should be scrapped.

What do you think?


tim miller said...

I've visited Israel many times without incident, but as the author points out, you can't hide from bullets behind a pole. Keep the cinderblock walls, while not perfect at least they provide some cover from enemy fire.

Toby Klein Greenwald said...

Unfortunately the evil-doers always come up with another way to harm us, no matter what we do.

Batya said...

Tim, thanks, common sense can go far.
Toby, true, but we shouldn't make it easier for the terrorists.

Maoz said...

A while back, when I saw that they were putting such poles by bus-stops in Yerushalayim, I said to myself, "Ah, I see they're building a hospital beneath the bridge!" (I'm assuming you and your readers know that particular Chelmite anecdote.)

Batya said...

Which one?

Neshama said...

Its about when many cellmates were jumping off the bridge and landing down under. Instead of stopping the jumpers, they built a hospital under the bridge to treat the jumpers ;-)

Sorta like our Israeli politicians and govt ministers!

Neshama said...

Oh, gosh, not cellmates, CHELMITES

Mr. Cohen said...

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Batya said...


Batya said...

Neshama, good one!