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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Very Worrying

weak green cover

We're half way through what should be winter, and this is all you see at best as growth.  The weeds should be knee high, and they're not.  Today has been cloudy, but that isn't enough.

We need rain!


Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

Why do you think there is no rain? The real reason..?

10rainbow said...

blessings . as a noahide i feel deeply, re the rain. RLazer at his site too showed a picture. the rains Hashem is sending to many of the 70 nations its not exactly a rain of blessing. its bringing more destruction. Perhaps intercessions on the merit of R Choni Haamagel will help. i think he is called the circle maker or something close to that. i have studied the sages who left us physcially are greater then ever before. surely they will interceed. perhaps a group can go to his ohel. i am daily praying for rain. i know, when great j souls are praying, what is mine, in comparison, however its just a humble added appeal to the shadows of the torah scholars.theresa

Batya said...

pqj, 10r, punishment for sure, and the government and leaders refuse to see that the solution is in their hands. Obey G-d's laws. Settle the Land with Jews and stop offering it to our enemies.

JDL London Canada said...

Batya, I second that. It couldn't be more clearer.

Batya said...

JDL, we're going to need every day of that extra month of winter, Adar B. for more rain.