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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Tsunami To Take Over The World, Isn't That What the Muslims are Aiming For?

Generally, I find it difficult to force myself to read long serious books, even articles, but I prepared myself to make a great effort to read The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama, by David Rubin.  David is a neighbor here in Shiloh, and he asked me to review his latest book.

I'm glad to say that this book was a pleasure to read, not that the subject is pleasant.  It certainly isn't an upbeat or enjoyable subject, how Islam is a danger to world stability and peace.  But it is a very readable book.  David is an excellent writer, and he did an amazing job with the complex and difficult material.

“It behooves us to pay close attention, not to what is said in mainstream American public forums, in which the Muslim leaders are careful about what they say and how they say it, but to what these Islamic organizational leaders generally reveal when they speak to their own people in Arabic or Farsi, or even occasionally in English. In fact, they are downright secretive and devious, for fear of being exposed for who they really are.”

“Since the inauguration of President Obama, there has been a resurgence of the plague of “moral relativism”- the belief that truth is relative and that there is no such thing as good or evil."

“There is a dynamic process taking place in history before our eyes. The frightening terrorist threats that occur at airports, in cities around the globe, the upheavals in the global economy, and the increasingly frequent clashes in the Middle East are all indicative of an historic process that makes sense and has solutions.”

In recent years, David has been traveling around North America speaking to groups about Arab terrorism and raising money for his Shiloh Children Fund, ever since he and his son, Ruby, were injured by Arab terrorists.  That story is also included in the book.

The aim of the book is to make the general public aware of the danger facing entire western world because of Islam. The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama is well researched and easy to read, rare in the world of non-fiction.  It's a history book that tells about current events and gives an excellent summary of the history of Islam and how its early leaders tried to replace Judaism.

Much of David's American audience is Christian, and he explains how he, a Torah observant Jew, relates to them.  Yes, this is David Rubin's book.  It reflects what is important to him.  My praise of the book does not mean that I agree with every word.  It's rare for me to ever agree with everything others say and write.  There are many good things about the book, and I learned a lot from it. 
And the bottom line...  Is this a book you should read?  Yes, it is.

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