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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anti-Israel Becoming Mainstream* With Added Video

Last night I was sure that it was my flu* delirium when I heard a cheerful anti-Israel Apartheid ditty filmed in some supermarket in the United States.  I haven't been able to find it on the internet and thank Love of the Land for sending it to me.

Remember that most people are followers, and this is something that people will want to join. Of course in their very restricted, limited knowlege those anti-Israelis ignore the very simple proven fact that a large percentage of the workers in these factories are Arabs. So those who would suffer the most if they had to close would actually be Arabs. And history has shown that no matter how much money, equipment etc. is given to the Arabs they'd rather get more free money than work hard at developing industry.

It's a crucial mistake that Israelis count on a special "pro-Israel consensus" among Americans.  It doesn't exist, certainly among the youth and super-especially among international universities.  Just because they have university degrees doesn't mean that they know what South African apartheid really was.  They believe that Israel has an apartheid regime in terms of the Arabs.  Actually, if anyone is restricted, it's us Jews.

Considering that most Israeli universities are extreme Left, it's no surprise that the same philosophy holds all over the world.  The Hebrew University's Political Science Department is one of the worst.  This isn't new.  A student in that department during Oslo was assigned to write a paper on the subject, "Protests Against Oslo Accords Endanger Democracy."  Students were forbidden to disagree with the topic.

The Israeli public, media, politicians, academics and Jews all over the world are in an imaginary cocoon.  Most refuse to look at the truth.  Suddenly the overt anti-semitism will hit us like an avalanche if we don't start working hard to fight it.

*That's why I haven't blogged for two days.  I've been sick.


Anonymous said...

feel better.

Batya said...


Keli Ata said...

Feel better soon, Batya:)

I agree with your post.

Also I believe most of the world gets it wrong in comparing Israel to South African apartheid. The world is pushing for and getting a building freeze, in 2005 8,000 Jews forced out of their homes by soldiers is apartheid.

Batya said...

Thanks, Keli, exactly. There's an underlying hatred of Jews by Christianity and Islam. Being a pragmatist I can't ignore it.

Shy Guy said...

In Philly?


Batya said...

thanks, added

Hadassa said...

I read somewhere that Sabra hummus is actually made in America. Is that true? Interesting fact: Pepsico sold to the Arabs in the "occupied territories" long before they sold to Jews in the rest of Israel.

Batya said...

could be, worth a google
for sure these campaigns damage the income of ordinary Arabs.

Shy Guy said...

Hadassa, Pepsi was also in Russia, way before Perestroika.

Hadassa said...

Shy Guy, I found it interesting that Pepsico, a not exactly Jew-friendly company, is in the middle of this situation.
There are many economic ties between countries of which very few people are aware. I know of Israeli produce that was, and perhaps still is, reaching Arab countries that (supposedly) have no commerce with Israel. France was/is the middleman. I'm sure what reaches mainstream media is only the tip of the iceberg.
Being as international business is never totally void of international politics, economic ties can be very detrimental to Israel.

Batya said...

Hadassa, that Sascha Cohen is no dummy.