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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to Being Beaten By The Carrots and Sticks

The pundits say that Obama is trying carrot and stick method to force us to concede and give the Arabs what Obama wants.  U. S. envoy George J. Mitchell is back.  It's very important to remember that the true aim of the United States isn't peace:
U.S. envoy George Mitchell said Tuesday that Washington remained "determined to persevere" in its efforts to see an independent and viable Palestinian state living alongside a secure Israel...

...Obama's letter included additional commitments, including a series of guarantees to prevent the smuggling of weapons and missiles into a Palestinian state, a lengthy period of interim security arrangements in the Jordan Valley and a comprehensive regional defense pact for protection from Iran to follow the establishment of the Palestinian state.

The American President also vowed to upgrade Israel's security capabilities and increase the three billion dollar security aid package that Israel receives annually. The letter included commitments to advanced weapons and early warning systems, including satellites. (complete article)
In all honesty, I don't find this very comforting.  It just reinforces my opinion that there's no way that Israel could be secure with a Pseudostinian aka Palestinian State sic on our Land.  That's not peace.

And even less that I like Mitchell's presence here, I don't like our Defense Minister Ehud Barak pandering to American officials, contradicting and undermining our government's positions.  The American administrations, whether Clinton, Bush or Obama have all made it very clear that they want to deal with Labor not Likud.  Their interference in internal Israeli politics is totally unacceptable but so typical of American immoral hypocrisy.  No other country ever gets the type of pressure that Israel does.  Of course, if we would just tell them all to "get lost," they would stop eventually.

Also, I have no doubt that Helen Thomas would never had lasted as long in her post if her antisemitism was an exception among journalists and politicians.  She was perfectly confident and comfortable with her opinions, because many Americans feel the same way.

Yes, that's true.  Jews aren't safe any where, so, you may as well join us in the Holy Land.

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