Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"My Israel" Terrorist Prisoners Complain Satire

So far at least ישראל שלי Yisrael Sheli, My Israel hasn't put up a translation in English, but these are Hamas terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails complaining about the heat.  It's hot outside in the sports courts of Israeli prisons.

In the background you hear reminders, advertisements about all sorts of activities they can participate in.  Actually it's all true.

Hamas can recruit terrorists by copying American armed forces ads:

Is being a Hamas Arab Terrorist the Right Career Choice for you?
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No matter what sort of work you are interested in doing, the Hamas has the job for you. As a member of the Hamas International Terror Organization you will earn competitive pay, be able continue your education, learn new skills, see the world and experience adventures you have only heard about!

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Hadassa said...

Some Arabs enter Israeli prisons (fully air conditioned) illiterate and not only learn how to read and write, but receive free job training for which law-abiding Jews are not eligible. The Israeli government prides itself on how many Arabs complete university while behind bars. Chelm.

Anonymous said...

Hadassa, not Chelm.


Batya said...

Hadassa, Shy, for sure something is very wrong with our value system. Shy, you're right, it's Sdom.

Hadassa said...

In S'dom no-one got anything for free.

Batya said...

could be