Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maccabeats Trounce Hellenism in Hanukah Redux

Posted by Jewish Israel

Despite the tragedy of last week's fire, this is the time of year when those of us who made aliyah are especially grateful to be living in the land of Israel. We get to escape the trappings of America's holiday season and the feeling that somehow Hanukah and Christmas have been unwillingly pitted against each other in a grossly unfair competition.

Even more upsetting is when the holiday rites and customs of the Judaic and Christian faiths are mixed and assimilated to the point of Hellenistic absurdity. Jewish Israel takes a look at the good, the bad and the funny of America's Hanukah music scene...more

Richard Frieden Confesses All in Church Audios:

Last month, Jewish Israel reported on missionary Richard Frieden's agenda of targeting Jewish youth, as manager of the Wave Café in Jerusalem and Muzik Box in Haifa.

After Jewish Israel published our report, we received a kindly worded “cover-up” email letter from Frieden proclaiming his hands are clean, as far as Israel’s anti-missionary laws are concerned.

Read his letter and our response...more

JI reports in Hebrew:

Rabbinic, political and community leaders in Israel have been requesting Jewish Israel reports in Hebrew.

We are currently translating our content and some of the reports are now available at this preliminary Hebrew site.

A more comprehensive site is under development and will be launched in the near future...

Jewish Israel wishes the readership at Shilohmusings Chanukah Sameach and Chodesh Tov!


Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for posting this.

ellen said...

Thank you, Batya.
Did you ever hear back from Matisyahu after you left a message on his Facebook page?

Batya said...

I didn't anything, but there are lots of mixed reviews of the video. It would be better sans visuals.

violet said...

The Maccabeats video has had over 2,000,000 views -


ellen said...

closer to 3,000,000 now.
I spoke with one very assimlated family in the States who told me that their four young children ages 3 -6 have been obsessively singing and dancing to the song non-stop for a week.

Batya said...

Ellen, "very assimlated family in the States who told me that their four young children ages 3 -6"
That's rare! B"H, a lot of kids

ellen said...

twins will do that, Baruch Hashem.