Sunday, December 12, 2010

NY Times' Thomas Friedman, Like a Toddler Counting All Wrong But Getting The Right Answer

Anyone who is experienced with little kids knows that they'll sometimes get the right answer though their count is all wrong:
"How many fingers on my hand?"
"One, two, six, four, ten, three... five!"
"Aren't you smart! I do have five fingers on my hand!"
I rarely agree with the New York Times Thomas Friedman, but today I do agree with his bottom line:
"The most valuable thing that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could do now is just get out of the picture..."
I just don't agree with almost anything else he wrote.

There is nothing positive that can result from American interference with Israel and the Arabs who live in the Jewish Holy Land.  The United States, Europe, the United Nations and all the creative "peace plans" various people including Israeli Right wing politicians come up with won't bring peace.  We'll only have peace when the Arabs realize that attacking us won't get us to leave.  That's right, peace will only come when we Jews, we Israelis stop debating how much territory to keep and what to give to the Arabs.  We'll only have peace when we stop offering them gifts.

Peace comes from strength.  Whoever is stronger enjoys peace, and therefore we must stop negotiations.  We must build Jewish homes and cities in all of the Land of Israel.  That will bring true peace.


Anonymous said...

i actually agree with freidman more than you. the us has every right to demand whatever it wants from israel. it is israels right to say no. freidman [and many israelis] seem to think israel rises and falls based on us political, military, and financial backing. i am not so sure, but it is one hell of a bet to make.
i also agree with freidman that everyone should stay out of middle east peace negotiations. you have your own problems.

Batya said...

a, so the bottom line is that you agree. And I agree that it's Israel's responsibility to tell the busybodies to get lost.

Anonymous said...


Batya said...

Hallevai, we should have governments that understand that.

in the vanguard said...

How can you read that liberal useless paper??

Batya said...

as long as it's free