Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life Isn't A Computerized Card Game

I'm up to a 95% success rate playing freecell on the new laptop.  It's not that I'm the world's greatest player, it's just that once I hit the wall of "you lost," all I have to do is "Ctrl/Z" until it restarts and try again.  No harm.  Nobody killed, wounded or evicted from their homes.  And after I've done it a few times, nowadays I always find a solution.  The 5% loss rate is from when I used to give up too easily.

We've been living in Israel for forty years already, and I've been aware and following Israeli politics and defense for even longer.  Years ago, Decades ago, our politicians used to promise that if the Arabs abused the latest "concessions," "then we'll just go back in and finish them off."  Easy to say, but it never really happened.

Even though every territorial and administrative "gesture" has reduced our true peace and security, we have never gone back in to retake the Land.  In the real world, we can't just Ctrl/Z and bring people back to life, re-attach their limbs, reunify families, rebuild homes and communities.

The Israeli media and politicians speak too easily about destroying Jewish communities as if we're just inanimate Lego pieces to be moved around helter skelter.  The media mourned the Carmel Forest more than they ever mourned Jewish Life in Gush Katif.  There's something very wrong in their priorities.  This is no game.


Moriah said...

When they say "peace" they mean our demise. When we say "peace" we mean the Nations will be appeased and they will leave us alone. But peace can only come by first destroying the enemy. We made compromises, we've given gifts and land and even our blood. What's left?

jewish tallit said...

Well when our leaders live far away from their people that is what we get. They can't see the beauty of our settlements and the urgent need to leave them as they are

Batya said...

moriah, so true
Jewish tallit, now so far. this is a very tiny Land. They just refuse to look and feel.

Hadassa said...

The Left doesn't mourn the rest of the Negev either. Arabs and Bedouins have been constructing tens of thousands of illegal buildings with no regard for the environment. You don't hear a word from the Left about the damage caused. I guess the Carmel Forest was and will be a lot more romantic than the blazing hot Negev desert.

Batya said...

the Left is tragically minimalist in their patriotism.

Keli Ata said...

All of this talk about land for peace reminds me of the July 4 episode of the Simpsons.

Homer is on vacation and goes to out of town Kwi-E-Mart to buy fireworks. The Apu looking guy hands him a hug bomb like firework and says, "Celebrate the birth of your country by blowing up a small piece of it."

Could translate in to an Israel Apu like guy saying, "Promote the freedom of Israel by giving a small piece of it everyday."

Batya said...

It is a bit nuts. Fireworks never looked the same to me after an IDF soldier told me that they remnded him of an exploding tank.