Sunday, December 12, 2010

Frume Sarah's Havel Havelim

I'm posting this quickly, because I can't count on the electricity.  We've had too many outages of late.  Frume Sarah has posted this latest Havel Havelim, and it's just perfect.  There are lots of great posts, all different HH flavors.  It's definitely worth a visit.

Here in the Holy Land we have been praying for rain, just rain, not wind, but G-d has been sending us our rain with all the trimmings.  And they've been flying around.  But we do need the rain, and if G-d has decided that plain ordinary rain, with electricity in the house and no wind outside isn't what we deserve, well we just ought say thank you for the rain, right?

Is this another test?


Rebecca Einstein Schorr said...

thanks so much for the HH shout-out. May your days be filled with rain -- just the right amount -- and no wind.

Batya said...

Thanks, amen.