Friday, December 10, 2010

Is It Going To Be Obama versus Palin?

From the very beginning people have wondered who the real Barack Hussein Obama is.  He was plucked from relative obscurity, pretty much a newcomer to American politics when he began his run for the United States Presidency.  Things went relatively smoothly and he was elected without a major struggle.

Sarah Palin and Obama are peers, according to their ages.  They may be competing for a long time.  She was an unknown nationally when the McCain handlers chose her as his Vice President.

There's a great line in Courage Under Fire, when Meg Ryan shouts:
"I gave birth to a nine-pound baby, asshole. I think I can handle it." 
Palin seems physically (and mentally) tougher than Obama, something her Sarah Palin’s Alaska TV show highlights.

And now back to that Dry Bones cartoon.  Did Yaakov peg it right?  Where do you think Obama is when the going gets tough?


Anonymous said...

You are right, however, you cannot judge American foreign policy strictly on its policy towards Israel. The US has no inherent right to dictate behavior to Israel. A big problem for Israel (and also Egypt) is millions of Gaza arabs fenced in a relatively small space with Hamas in control. Not a very good mixture. Eventually the pressure cooker will explode. Not good. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Anon, Obama's foreign policy is failing everywhere - Russia, China, Korea, Europe.

And the Muslim nations he's pandered to disdain him.

Batya said...

a, Shy, so we have to hold tight until he's gone. Not that Bush was that much friendlier.

Once we stop trying to please others we'll be a lot safer.

Anonymous said...

Did you see BHO's latest - possibly greatest - disgrace?

Batya said...

I saw that, a better article in the NY Post. Really pathetic. But the guy can't answer questions without a teleprompter.