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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Begin Prize to Modern Heros and a Real Heroine

Last night I was at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center for the annual prize-giving ceremony, which is traditionally on Chanukah.  I took all sorts of nice pictures but can't post them, since Picasa says that I've reached my maximum of free space.  I don't know what to do.  I used to sometimes use some other free photo services.  One had a very small number of pictures allowed, and the other was better.  I guess I have to try them again.

The prize committee looks for heroism, and this year the main recipients were the elite IDF "Shayetet 13," Navy "Seals" and Miriam Peretz the doubly bereaved mother of two Israeli soldiers killed in battle.

I must admit that seeing those sweet guys (gals) at the ceremony and milling around eating during the reception, they just looked like ordinary kids to me.  That's because for their parents they are.  That was what made the "joint" prize-giving also to Miriam Peretz so fitting.  Mothers like Miriam Peretz don't raise their children to be selfish "give me" individuals.

Two of Miriam Peretz's sons were killed by our enemies while serving in the IDF Israel Defense Forces, Uriel and  Eliraz.  Now she travels around the country speaking to groups, inspiring them, reminding the youth that we have only one country, one Land and we must fight for it.  That is the Chanukah message.  There's no free ride, but if we fight as Jews we will win.

Chag Urim Sameach and Chodesh Tov
Have An Enlightened Holiday and Good Month


Risa said...

I'm glad to hear Miriam Peretz is well. She was supposed to speak here in Rehovot before Chanuka but it was cancelled because she was ill. Mazal tov to the winners.

Batya said...

She was totally amazing. The Ramatkal stood to applaud.