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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Carmel, After the Devastating Fire* Enlarged Pictures

I had some technical problems, so Fred posted the pictures here and I'm copying them via the codes.  Fred, Thanks, you're the best!

Here are some more pictures from Fred Reifenberg:
"A day after the worst fire in Israel's history was extinguished, we drove home via Bet Oren, through the Carmel mountain forest, and here are a few shots I took along the way."

Fred, thanks!


Shy Guy said...

These are thumbnail size pic files. Hard to see.

Can't Fred upload the full-size pics to an online album?

Batya said...

Sorry, but I had technical problems. If Fred will post them to one of his blogs, then I can copy the links for full-sized pictures. They were too blurry when enlarged.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, the devastation is horrific. Batya, excellent commentary as usual.


Batya said...

Chris, thanks, these are all from Fred, my blogger on the scene.