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Thursday, August 25, 2016


(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)
AVROHOM BEN AVROHOM is the biography of Graf Valentin Pototcki, a European nobleman who converted to Judaism in the early 1700s.

SO STRANGE MY PATH by A. Carmel is the biography of Father Kenneth Cox, a Catholic priest who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1953.

ORDAINED TO BE A JEW is the autobiography of John David Scalamonti, who was a Catholic priest for 5 years before he converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1972. 

ESCAPE FROM JESUS is the autobiography of Shlomoh Sherman, a "Jewish Christian" rejected Jesus and accepted Judaism, published by Decalogue Books in 1983.

MY SISTER THE JEW is the autobiography of Delores Grey, who was a Christian minister before she converted to Orthodox Judaism. 

PLAYING WITH FIRE is the autobiography of Tova Mordechai, who became a Christian minister at age 25, before she became an Orthodox Jew.

Aharon Calderon, a former Benedictine monk born in 1970, converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1998.  He said: “The G_d of Israel is a G_d of love who accepts all mankind.”
SOURCE: Hamodia Magazine section, 05/31/2006, pages 12 and 21, article by Michael Fruend, entitled: From Monastery to Meah Shearim.

Asher Wade, a former Methodist minister, converted to Orthodox Judaism in May 1983. 
His web site is: www.AsherWade.com.

NOTE: This list of converts to Orthodox Judaism is very far from complete, and some of the books mentioned above have been out-if-print for decades.  Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

there is also Avraham Livni, French Borned as "Leblanc", who converted in the 70's and wrote a book: " Tchouvat Israel: shivat Zion, shivat Olam".

Batya Medad said...

Rather absurd title, since until a few short decades ago, there was only one Jewish conversion, which today is referred to as "Orthodox."

Shiloh said...

Az Ma, after his last sick post how about post all the Orthodox Jews who became messianic or converted to xtianity and why they bought that lie. Maybe its ignorance of actual history.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, the above mentioned converts to true Judaism were obviously people with a search for G-D. As they were non-Jews, they became either religious xtians or clergy. Realizing that truth was not there, they searched until they found Judaism and found truth and where they really belong. This is like Yitro, in a way, who was spiritual and searched out every religion and then with the episode of Moshe, etc., he eventually converted to being a Jew. This being said, believe that those who convert to true Judaism have Jewish souls, as our sages tell us. Those who are apostates and purposely become xtians or whatever are those who maybe were never really Jewish and have non-Jewish souls. All this is part of the birur before Moshiach comes. Those who have Jewish souls will find themselves back to Judaism and those who are not will revert back to who they really are. After Moshiach comes, no more conversions!