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Friday, August 19, 2016

American -Obama- Antisemitism, Anti-Israel is REAL

There are many of us here in Israel who do not consider the American aid, sic, to be aid for Israel. We look at the bottom line and see it as a way of weakening the Israeli economy especially our military industries. Because the truth is that it's really just a way for the American Government to strengthen and subsidize its own military industry.

Americans Burning Israeli Flags
When the USA give "aid," it doesn't give money, it gives BUY ONLY IN AMERICA SHOPPING COUPONS. A small amount/percentage may be used in Israel. But if Israel produces anything that has even one small American screw, we're screwed if we sell it to another country without American approval.

And now, Mr. lame duck POTUS Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that he's out to destroy Israeli military industries by restricting all the shopping coupons to American businesses.
Obama to Israel: Our Tax Dollars Won’t Go to Your Defense Contractors
If successful, the administration’s push to remove the clause would inflict some real pain on Israel’s growing security sector, which already exports more arms overseas than almost any other country apart from the United States. On the flip side, the change would mean a potential windfall for American defense contractors scrambling to sell their wares abroad to make up for declining sales at home. The Middle East and Asia are now driving growth for major U.S. contractors, with about a quarter of revenue coming from international sales, compared with 15 percent in 2008.
The proposed shift “could be very good news for the U.S. defense industry,” said Loren Thompson, a longtime consultant for American military contractors, because “domestic defense spending is flat as a pancake and Israel is a consumer of high-end military technology.”
Yes, he considers Israel to be a competitor not an ally. And Obama's aim is to weaken us, not to help us.

I think that the time has come for Israel to quit these deals cold turkey and, as complicated as it seems at this point, stop accepting this shopping coupons. The "tweaking" our experts and engineers do in requesting changes to the arms bought with the coupons help the Americans to upgrade their products, without actually having the brainpower and skills to do it on their own. It's time for us in Israel to use our talents to promote our own military industry!!


goyisherebbe said...

There is a lot to what you say about US aid, but the other side of it is that it gives entree to Israeli firms to contest American contracts. There is a chance that the American public will awaken from its slumber after being so grossly insulted from every direction. The American political system is trouble. The constitution is often ignored and circumvented, and the various interest groups which kept the system honest are now giving power a free pass. Let's hope the pendulum will swing back and American government and civilization will survive. But one way or another, Jews come home to Israel ASAP!

Batya said...

With Hillary winning America will be worse, and if Trump wins he won't get anything done, since he has no congressional support.