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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary or Trump? Does It Really Make a Difference for Israel?

Let's weigh in with your opinion. What do you think? Will it really make a difference for the State of Israel?

  • In the long run, does a United States President control the State of Israel?
  • Or in the short run, does a United States President control the State of Israel?
  • Can a POTUS veto Israeli Prime Minister and Knesset?
  • Can the Israeli Prime Minister act independent of American Governmental policy/orders?
I know what I think about this, and before I blog it, I hope to hear what you think. Please reply in the comments, thanks.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Does it make a difference? No.

Sharbano said...

It seems there are many who will use Any angle to discredit Trump and what he May do when President. Whether it's the vague interpretation of Jewish calculations or those of "Never Trump" who, like Glenn Beck, will try to covertly imply Trump is the antichrist. We DO know, by example, how wrong we can be, whether the years imparted to Avraham or the misunderstanding of Daniel. I am constantly reminded of the journey of Eliyahu HaNavi and the Rabbi. In literally Every instance what seemed on the surface was Not what was revealed in the end. Simply put, we cannot know what is yet to be revealed.

All I know is the previous actions by each person, which in Hillary's case is a hostility to Israel and its leaders. On the other hand Trump has shown a compassion towards Jews And Blacks in the segregated clubs in Florida. Furthermore, Trump's disdain for corruption among Politicians and Government could very well be the first steps in reigning in the State Department, among others, who harbor the most anti-Semitic policies. He Would be the type of person who would not hesitate to bring it out in the open.

Who knows whether or not this could be the case, but it will be interesting to see nonetheless.

Mr. Cohen said...


Unknown said...

Bibi has shrewdly worked on developing other alliances since the one with the US has been seriously diminished. However, a close alliance with the US does have benefits for Israel.

Our enemies are emboldened when the US-Israel alliance is weakened since they only respect and fear power. Consequently, there is more short-term danger in the form of terrorism. The long-term danger is increased because of deals like the one with Iran. It appears that it is the US that is preventing Israel from handling the Iranian nuclear problem.

The more favorable the President is towards Israel, the better his entire administration is. A President is one person who brings in an army of bureaucrats who enforce his policies. It will be less costly to Israel in life, blood, and treasure when our enemies fear the USA instead of being embraced by American leadership.

The Democrats, especially Hillary, have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other enemies of Israel and America. Hello, Huma Abedin. They try to prevent building in Yesha, urge "restraint" at retaliating for bombs, and encourage antisemitism worldwide.

I started the FaceBook page and website Zionists4Trump a year ago. It is a repository of information showing why Donald Trump would be the best President as far as Israel is concerned. We can be sure that Iran would not be able to threaten Israel with nukes were he President. Donald Trump is clearly better for the welfare of Israel and America.

Batya said...

So far, it looks like most of you consider Hillary is more a danger than Trump, right?

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I think it is dangerous for Israel to look to America as much as it does, no matter who is president (or prime minister on our side).

Batya said...


Anonymous said...

If Israel was run by 'G-D fearing Jews', it would not matter one bit who gets elected. But that is not the case (it really still doesn't matter beause H' runs the world) but if the wrong one gets in office, a lot more tzoros could be thrown our way. Of course, it is an easy choice for any Jew to make and it's not the above nekaiva.