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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Burkini? Big Deal! You Don't Have to Be Muslim!!

I couldn't find a head to toe picture of me in my bathing suit, but as you can probably guess from this selfie here, it's more burkini than any classic tank, blouson, skirted, one or two-piece held up by skinny straps. Actually I do wear a two piece bathingsuit, but the top has a high neck, and the sleeves go past my elbow. Most of the time I wear it with a swim-skirt past my knees, that has sewn in shorts. The running joke is that I'm dressed up for a fancy outing. It really doesn't look like a bathing suit. And I guess you may be surprised that I wear it to female only swimming time in our local pool.

No, I'm not some sort of overmodest repressed nut-case. And I'm not Muslim.

  • I'm a religious Jew who adheres to the Jews Laws of Modesty, and wearing this sort of bathing suit, swimsuit as some call them now, means that I can walk around in public, from house to pool without a robe or having to change my clothes/cover up.
  • Another reason is health. I'm high risk for skin cancer, and besides slathering sunscreen on my neck, face etc, the shirt covers me well.
  • When I swim in our outdoor pool at night, I wear my swimming shorts and a top like this. At night the covering protects me from the cool breezes which used to make night swimming just too uncomfortable. At night I wear a heavy robe to go to and from my house and pool to both cover up and keep warm.
  • The "modest swimsuit" also makes it possible to swim when there's a male lifeguard and the rare occasion when I am at a "mixed swim." The special swimsuit fabrics provide more modest cover up and better protection from the sun, than a wet T-shirt.
Honestly, I don't see how wearing modest swimwear could be considered a security, moral or cultural problem. On this I'm with the Muslims!! The French are nuts!!


Retlops said...

You can swim in a regular swimsuit if the lifeguard is male.

Batya said...

You are not my rabbi. Much more comfortable covered.

Anonymous said...

But if you go to France, will they throw you out? The stories of them making women strip off sound terrible to me. I bought some modest swimwear in a shop in Israel. The catalog showed swimsuits for moslem ladies

Batya said...

Crazy France thinks that by persecuting women who want to swim modestly they will stop terror. In the states I am subject to more physical security checks because of my scarves and skirts.

Tracy W said...

The war against burkinis, or against new mosques and several other Muslim cultural side issues, is a deliberate DISTRACTION FROM THE TWO MAIN PROBLEMS which are
(1) the violent nature of Islam itself and
(2) the relentless migration of Muslims into the West.

Politicians from left to right continue to defend Islam in principle, and they choose not to learn - much less comment - about Islam's core nature of violence, hate and genocide.

Islam is responsible for the slaughter of 270 MILLION non Muslims https://www.politicalislam.com/tears-of-jihad/

And the religion of peace is also responsible for the massacre of millions of Muslims regarded as infidels in the Shia-Sunni war.

In spite of a growing wave of Muslim violence in the West, our politicians continue to defend Islam and Muslim immigration.

THE REAL REASON for the anti-burkini campaign and other side issues is for politicians to APPEAR to be doing something about the Muslim presence, while they continue to allow Muslims to invade the West, and to rape and kill innocent people in their own cities.


Batya said...

Pretty stupid target but it makes it easier to understand why France does not know how to protect themselves from terrorists. They are too busy looking at bikini clad females.