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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Will We Have Enough Water in Shiloh and Gav Hahar Shomron?

As many of you probably know, since not only did I blog about it, but it has been on the news, there are major water supply problems in Shiloh and Gav Hahar Shomron. The entire infrastructure stinks. It was planned for a much smaller population and ignored the possibility of agriculture in the area.

The government has been forced to truck and pipe in water to our neighborhood water tower.

With just over an hour left to the Tisha B'Av fast and restrictions, many of us are extremely anxious about the water situation. Most of us haven't been doing laundry either at all or as much as usual. There's lot of laundry piled up, even in "empty nest"' homes like mine. 

Will our washing machines find themselves washing on empty/dry of water? Let's hope and pray that the trucks are on their way, and the repairs will be done by next summer.


Mr. Cohen said...

Many years ago, a Jew approached Rabbi Avigdor Miller [of blessed memory, may G_d grant him permission to intercede on behalf of all Jews] and complained that he lost [some or all of] his teeth.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller said to that Jew:

“When you had [all] your teeth, did you THANK HASHEM for them?”


When you had enough water, did you THANK HASHEM?

If not, then THANK HASHEM for the times in the past when you had sufficient water.

Batya said...

I've never taken water for granted, since becoming Israeli that is. I first lived in Jerusalem and even in 1970, Jerusalemites were still traumatized by the water-shortages of earlier years.