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Sunday, August 21, 2016

American Presidential Elections, 2016, Bad for America No Matter Who Wins

The Varsity

With Hillary winning America will be worse, and if Trump wins he won't get anything done, since he has no congressional support. I know of a lot of Americans who would rather sleep the next four years, and hope this is all just one nightmare that will soon be over.

There are just too many questions about Hillary's ethics, her emails and who's really funding her etc. And there are too many questions about her close ties with Arabs, especially since her top aid/advisor is Huma Abedin.

And even though I do prefer Trump over Hillary, I have no illusions that he would be a good effective President. My fear is that Hillary will be too "effective" and powerful taking the United States in directions I think is bad for the world, America and Israel. Trump, on the other hand, will find himself incapable of effectively functioning as President, passing bills, etc. While she has been spending decades making "friends" and deals with senators, congressmen, their aids etc, he's a total and utter stranger to that world.

Personally, I'd rather Donald Trump win and waste four years, in the hope that in 2020 Hillary Clinton will be considered too old and too stale to run, and by then there will be some newer, younger players on both sides who are better suited to be POTUS.

I can always hope.

And then during those four years, without a strong president, things will flow along pretty safely, with a Republican Congress making sure that the United States doesn't make any crazy dangerous moves.


Shiloh said...

Yes, Hilary is a nightmare. Something is going on with her health, her crazy actions, who knows. But its really the choice of an evil globalist vs who knows what.

Nice to see you took down that guest post. That was completely pathetic.

Batya said...

I would rather an inept balagan than sn evil shark.
Strange post and took it down