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Monday, August 1, 2016

American Politics So Scripted- Look at The Spontaneous for Truth

Daily Mail
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
You really had to be impressed by the fantastic planning of the recent Democratic National Convention. I was really impressed that whoever designed it -yes, no doubt there was a crew of designers- even had Hillary, Chelsea and Anne Holton, Tim Kaine's wife in color coordinated red, white and blue! If anyone thinks it was just a coincidence, then they must not only believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but no doubt they think that 007 James Bond was a historic figure.

As much as I don't trust Hillary Clinton's politics, positions and morality, nor do I like her pants suits, I must admit that she's a great actress/speech-giver and campaigner. I couldn't stop laughing when hearing her say that she accepted the nomination with "humility." I'm sure that the committee of speechwriters she employed for her acceptance speech had fun with that word, too. Humility and Hillary Clinton? What an oxymoron!

The Democratic National Convention was an almost perfectly staged production. American Flag burning and the Palestine flag that was displayed were improv, no doubt. A few lines in various speeches also took away from the perfect parve unity and "America's Great" theme.

Fred Taub of Boycott Watch did a great job combining these moments to give you and me a true picture of the Democratic Party of 2016.

Exposing anti-Semitism at the 2016 DNC


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Anti-Semitism at Democratic National Convention


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