Thursday, August 25, 2016

Others Blog, Too. Blog Round Up HH 18 Most Interesting

This edition of Havel Havelim, the ongoing blog carnival has 18 posts, and as I like to do it, only the titles will be listed. I hope that piques your interest. If you think I missed a good one or a blog that I should include, then please write to me in the comments, thanks. Of course the idea is for you to visit and share the various blogs posts etc. Think of this as an "internet magazine" with a variety of articles by various authors. You can always join our facebook page.

  1. Rebetzin Esther Jungreis a''h
  2. Cold Coffee Update AOK for Strict Sabbath Observers
  3. August Jewish Book Blog Carnival
  4. Weird, wacky, wonderful (Hebrew) words: שַׁלֶּכֶת/ shalechet
  5. Stealing “Palestine” from the Jews
  6. Strict Apartheid in Israel Against Jews
  7. The Jewish Left Lies About Tikkun Olam
  8. Surprise, surprise. JStreet U officer supports Black Lives Matter platform on Israel
  9. The 9th of Av: It's About the Temple!
  10. More on Jewish Mourning Customs
  11. The BBC and the First Temple
  12. Who Would Have Thought
  13. Jabotinsky Tribute
  14. The Wonders of a Wood Workshop
  15. Dancing Camel marks 10 years with three collaboration beers
  16. A Day With The Grandkids
  17. Brussels Airlines Serves Up A Steaming Hot Plate Of B(D)S
  18. #BlogElul and #ElulGram 2016
There is no significance to the order of the posts. Numbering just made it easier for me to compose/write the Havel Havelim.

Remember you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share this roundup and the included posts.


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Thanks for linking, Batya.

Batya said...

My pleasure Cos, good post.