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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Yesterday in Jerusalem- Photos

Reflecting on my lovely day in Jerusalem's Old City. Yes, that's me!
Yesterday I was in Jerusalem, the downtown area, and between two appointments, I found myself with time on my hands, so I decided to take a walk. I also had paid for the "new" "one day bus pass," so I also knew that I could always take a bus to my second appointment without paying for another fare. Actually, if I didn't use it during my break, it wouldn't have paid for me to have spent the NS6.50. And I did need to burn calories, so a nice walk was a good idea.

I started my walk near the Mamilla Mall and decided to go to the Old City. I was surprised to see a new tourist/visitor attraction, a bus/train.

HOME Returning to Gush Katif

When I entered, I began my usual route, to the right along the walls, but then I turned around to go through the shuq, the way I used to go when we lived in there. Walk straight down David Street, and then make a right on Rechov Hayehudim (Jews Street.)

Approaching our old home in the Old City. 

Yes, this is it!

Here it is from the other side. Maon Betar it was called in the early 1970's.

There weren't any Jewish stores when we lived there.

That took me to the bus, which I took to King George Street, the center of town for my next appointment. I was amazed how quick the trip was.

If there had been a bus like this #38, when we had lived in the Old City, I could have finished ulpan and learned Hebrew much better. In the rainy winter of 1970-71, pregnant, too, I found it much too difficult to get to my ulpan classes in Beit Ha'Am and ended up quitting. Today's bus has a stop a minute from where we lived in Maon Betar to a two minute walk from Beit Ha'Am.


Neshama said...

where do i find the bus/train?
walk thru mamilla? or at shaar yafo?

thank you for the lovely pics.

Batya Medad said...

Information on picture. People got on inside jaffa gate

LondonMale said...

Thank you for posting.
It is an inspiration for us who cannot be there in person at this time.

Batya Medad said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy them.