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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook, Where Are You?

First it was my phone.  No dial tone, but yes, internet.  Now, this morning facebook isn't "answering."  Last night I "wrote in my status" something like "it was late and since nobody had commented on my blogs, I'd just go to sleep and not blog."  Well, I guess blogger got its revenge.  Now facebook is down, so even though I still haven't gotten comments to yesterday's posts, I'm blogging.

That sounds pretty pathetic, doesn't it?

Well, I haven't gotten desperate enough to check in on twitter.  I have my posts go up there automatically for all the other "twits," or is it "tweets" to read.

I'm waiting for my coffee to "perc."  That's the type of word of wisdom I write on facebook and if I got the right proportion between coffee and water in the percolator.  I'm going to copy this onto word to spellcheck.  OK, maybe I'll try the blogger one.  I haven't for months.  Then it didn't work.  And it still doesn't!

Today, I have more laundry to do. I don't launder during the 9 days, which are really 9 and a half or 3/4.  I can also finally go to the pool.  Ten days missing the pool in the hot summer is suffering.  Our pool is a two minute walk from the house, just far enough so we don't hear any noise.  And the grandkids may be coming for a "swim," too.

It's also Thursday, so I have cooking to do.  And I have to do my Matan Al HaPerek sources for my study group.

So, as you can see, I have plenty to do if facebook insists on ignoring me.


Anonymous said...

I deactivated my account 7/31... I'm trying to wean myself from time consuming distractions.

Batya said...

a, the mysterious, yes, I can see that, but since I'm on facebook (and twitter) to promote my blogs, I'm not leaving so fast. I guess as newer social media branches/options/businesses become more popular, I'll have to sign up for them, too.

I don't blackberry, iphone or any of those fulltime internet activities. We don't have internet on our cell phones.