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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jerusalem's "Horse Garden" Protest Taking Over The Sidewalk

Straight from the "horse's mouth," ok a series of pictures to show that the Leftist Anti-Government "Tzedek Chevrati," "Social Justice" demonstration at the "Horse Park" on King George Street has taken over the sidewalk.

I hadn't planned on reporting about them.  All I wanted was to discreetly enter the public WC in the park, but you can't do it from the direction of Hamashbir any more without walking through the... well... see for yourself:

I have no doubt if this had been a "Right" demonstration, anyone parking their tables and tents on the sidewalk would be arrested.

No doubt that people who use labels like "social justice" get better treatment than others.  Where's the justice in that?


Keliata said...

When the Left has deomonstrations it's freedom of expression. When the Right has demonstrations it's called incitement.

Neshama said...

I find it disgraceful to have their crude posters, sheet-signs, and sundry paraphernalia "in your face" from any angle where you may be, whether getting on or off a bus or walking by on your way to a meeting or shopping. It seems every day or so there's a new sign.

To me they're loitering and littering our beautiful Yerushalayim.

Batya said...

Keli, Neshama, why isn't the law enforced against the Left?