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Monday, August 8, 2011

Re: The Korach Protests on the Streets of Israel

Yes, I've been referring to the ongoing Israeli street demonstrations as "Korach."  Korach was a Biblical protest leader who came up with all sorts of excuses, that sounded lamer and lamer the more you'd think about them, to rally against Moses.  End result was that he and his followers were punished very permanently by G-d, literally swallowed by the earth.

I just read a first person account of the Tel Aviv demonstration:
And what did we all get for all this? The usual admonitions from the stage, all empty, vague, and lacking in anything like a coherent vision, let alone a political strategy. The depressing absence of competent leadership among the protesters seemed, more than ever, to be coming home to roost.

Indeed, the only person on stage who managed to grasp and move the enormous sea of humanity was veteran Israeli rock star Shlomo Artzi. A brilliant performer, he managed to make one feel, for a brief moment, happy to be with all those people at a moment in history. But even this, as they all sang the lyrics they knew by heart, felt more like an end than a beginning. It was a moment of nostalgia. A longing for a sense of fraternity that the real moment had failed to provide. (complete article)
Yes, I think that Benjamin Kerstein got it right in that these demonstrations have been no more than a fiction, a fake, and that's why only a veteran performer, like Shlomo Artzi could keep the excitement going.  And about Artzi, if anyone thinks that the majority of people who showed up at the Tel Aviv location Saturday night did it for political reasons, then they're like those xtians who think that Santa Claus buys the gifts.  A free concert is a free concert.  The only thing keeping good Jews away was that it took place just a few days before the 9th of Av when a Jew is forbidden to attend concerts.  Obviously the organizers don't care about Jewish Law.  That was proof for sure.

About the numbers of participants Kerstein and other have been throwing around, like rice at a wedding, they're not realistic at all.  Listen to JewsNews for details about that.

Time will show the truth.  G-d willing the citizens of Israel won't be fooled by Leftist circus promoted by the media.

Now, we will soon begin the Fast of the Ninth of Av, which is to mourn the destruction  of our Holy Temples and the delays in  building the Third Holy Temple.  This period of mourning gets more and more severe, because the ramifications get worse and worse.  That we see on the streets, citizens in a frenzy, worshipping Korach instead of building the Beit HaMikdash, the Holy Temple.

May next year be the festive dedication of the Third Temple, speedily in our days...


Anonymous said...

youtube took the video down for a violation of content?

Anonymous said...

today is tish b'av , the anniversary of the destruction of the first two temples. babylon has been burning sometime and today london (esau), going on to birmingham. i am not saying i am happy about this as i know Hashem is not happy at the loss of any of His creations, however, when we keep on harming israel, Hashem harms us of the 70 nations. when are the nations going to wak e upto that,

Batya said...

a, it's outrageous that the Jewsnews videos are being banned when they are totally innocent. There are some antisemites on the youtube team. You can see Jewsnews on facebook.

10, first the Jewish People must repent. After that everything will fall in place.

Anonymous said...

Batya, go back and read the last verse in Eichah and reconsider whether the order of redemption only following repentance is absolute.

It wasn't so when we were taken out of Egypt either.

I'm not disagreeing with your central point. What we're supposed to be doing is our business. However, what and how events happen is Hashem's.

Anonymous said...

Hello Batya,
Tzom Kal to you all in our Holy Land. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all. (BTW Here in Sydney we have stepped into tenth of Av.)Re: the pretest in T.A. about housing. I AGREE THAT WE MUST ALL DO TESHUVA. AND DO IT NOW!!! As we just prayed after Meggilat Eicho: Hashivenu Hashem Eylecha, Venashuva. Chadeish Yameinu K'kedem!!!
I'd like to bring to your readers' attention a post I read just earlier: Hezbos in YOUR Backyard.
Gush Katif Painfully Recalled on Tisha B'Av.
It is a very worthwhile read.
See you ALL in Yerushalayim.! Bekarov! Bekarov!

Batya said...

ok, shy, and what about that mishne that says that every day we're not rebuilding the Temple we're destroying it?

a, thanks, only about 4 hours to go here to eat but more than 13 until I have my coffee!

Anonymous said...

Batya, what about that Mishna? Remember I'm not disagreeing with your central point - we are obligated to be and do good.

However, that doesn't stop us from begging Hashem for "Hashivenu", to be followed by "Venashuva".

We need a booster shot of mercy - obviously something stronger than the doses we've received until now and didn't deserve.

Batya said...

Yes, you're right about that. The am just doesn't do it without help.