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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Israel Has Real Enemies!

Hat tip IMRA

The State of Israel has real enemies, those who aim to destroy it with all means.  Listen to this clip from MEMRI TV, transcript follows.

Hizbullah MP, Retired Brig.-Gen. Walid Sakariya: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Hizbullah Will Wipe Out Israel, Even at the Cost of Hundreds of Thousands of Casualties, following US Withdrawal from Iraq

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hizbullah MP Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Walid Sakariya, which aired on ANB TV on August 7, 2011. (complete transcript)

While Israel keeps trying to find ways to "make peace" with the neighboring Arabs, they still worship terrorists. Here's an article by PMW Palestine Media Watch.

PA TV program Best Mothers honors suicide terrorist by visiting her mother

Mother upon news of daughter's suicide bombing:

"I want to sing, Darin is a bride"

The faux peace agreements being promoted by the Left and foreign countries won't bring true peace to Israel. It would only endanger us even more.


Joe said...

Maybe these surrounding nations should read Tehillim 83 and know who is the Holy One of Yisrael.


but then again....HaShem has set the trap and will bring them to their delusional threats in order to glorify His Holy Name.

The voices of HaShem's Neviim are being vindicated.

Batya said...

Joe, to be honest I'd like those who worship a man/men to recognize their mistake. At least be Noahide.

in the vanguard said...

The "brigadier-general" of Hezbos, their military pundit, forgot one key factor in his strategic calculations: israel's might is not a matter of muscle; It has Hashem on its side!

Batya said...

van, so true