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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ehud Barak, Duh! "Defense Minister Barak said that he views Thursday's attack, ... with the upmost (sic) gravity."

First of all, this official communique doesn't seem to have been edited.

How many deadly rockets do the Arabs have to launch at Israel?
How many times do Arab terrorists have to attack Israelis for Ehud Barak to understand what's going on?

Jerusalem, 20 August 2011

Defense Minister Barak Statement Regrding Situation in the South
(Communicated by the Defense Minister’s Media Adviser)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, today (Sat.) 20.08.11, held a special meeting to evaluate the current situation, with C-O-S Maj.-Gen. Benni Gantz, and inteligence and security personel.

Defense Minister Barak said that he views Thursday's attack, aimed at civilians inside Israel's sovoreign territory, with the upmost (sic) gravity. "The attackers left from the Gaza Strip. Most of the perpetrators were killed, and the senior figures resposuble were eliminated shortly afterwards. The IDF has struck forcefully, in the past two days, those responsible for the attack in the south and has functioned efficiently to protect Israel's populace against launches from Gaza."

The Defense Minister noted the importance of the Peace Agreement with Egypt and emphasised our apprecation for the level-headedness and responsibility demonstrated by the Egyptians. "Israel is sorry for the deaths of the Egyptian policemen during the attack on the Israel-Egypt border." Defense Minister Barak ordered an IDF investigation and called for a joint investigation with the Egyptian military to examine the circumstances of the event. According to the results of the investigation, proper conclusions will be drawn.

Defense Ministe Barak said, "The peace agreement between Israel and Egypt is of enormous importance and it's strategic value to Middle East stability is great."

Now why have we apologized to Egypt for killing Egyptian policemen? They were supposed to have been guarding the border. They failed. Terrorists entered Israel and attacked Israelis. If some Egyptian police died as a result of that attack, they should blame the terrorists, not Israel.  And Israel should never apologize!  We should be demanding apologies from Egypt!!!

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