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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is This Peace?

A few months ago, I heard a fantastic speech by Caroline Glick in which she described Israel's relationship with Egypt post-Begin's giving the Sinai to Sadaat and "peace treaty" as "a ceasefire."
The peace treaty contains an entire annex devoted to specific commitments to cultivate every sort of cultural, social and economic tie imaginable. But both Sadat and his successor Mubarak breached every one of them.

As the intervening 32 years since the treaty was signed have shown, in essence, the deal was nothing more than a ceasefire...
That's what I thought of when I read that Egyptians are trying to organize a million-man demonstration against Israel:
Egyptian daily al-Youm al-Saba'a reported Wednesday that Egyptian protest organizers are calling for "a million-man protest" outside Israel's embassy in Cairo on Friday.

The protesters, using Facebook and other social media venues, say the focus of the demonstration will be the demand to have the Israeli ambassador expelled from Egypt and Israel's embassy in the capital closed. Recalling an ambassador is considered a step towards the cessation of peaceful relations between countries in diplomatic circles.

Meanwhile, protesters continue to demonstrate outside the embassy for the fifth day in a row, calling out, "Expell the ambassador immediately." Others gathered outside the ambassador's Cairo residence and called fellow citizens to join them in order to "force the ambassador to leave Egypt."

And as I write this, the Arabs are still launching rockets, weapons at southern Israel:
Gaza terrorists fired two rockets at the Eshkol region in southern Israel, shortly after similar attacks on Ashkelon and Ofakim.

When is the State of Israel going to fight to destroy the terrorists?


Anonymous said...

These are what they call steps toward peace. True peace will be when they have forced us to submit to their will (or die). This is the peace they speak of. When will the leaders of the US and Israel ADMIT that after all these years of one sided 'painful concessions' and goodwill 'gestures'( shedding of Jewish blood), that they have willfully misunderstood? When we see a murdering savage with gun and bloody sword do we deceive ourselves and say they want to give us a kiss? I guess our brilliant, sophisticated, highly educated leaders do...

Batya said...

exactly, thanks

Leah said...

It seems to easy to say that the leaders? of Israel need to stop caring what the rest of the world thinks and do what is right, yet it is so true. It must be difficult to be in their shoes, yet enough is enough. Time to express emuna in Hashem and deal with pere adam already.

Batya said...

Leah, amen!