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Friday, August 19, 2011

Arab Terrorists Attacked Israelis Again

Of course, the big question is:
Are these attacks the beginning of another Arab war against Israel?

Arab terrorists attacked Israel, near Eilat.  Six (or more?) Israelis were killed and dozens injured.  The attackers were neither "militants," (Three Egyptians Dead as Israel Chases Militants Along Border, Arutz 7, shame on you,) nor "gunman," as Yahoo described them, Gunmen kill 7 in Israel.

Davka, BBC did a better job:
Deadly attacks hit Israeli vehicles near Egypt

CNN described it differently:
Attacks focus attention on Islamist extremists in Egypt -- and tunnels and
Israeli airstrikes target Gaza after multiple attacks

And the Jerusalem Post can't decide if the attack was by "gunmen" or terrorists.
Israeli air strikes hit Gaza after gunmen attackCounter-terror officer killed by terrorist fire near EilatThe Arab terrorists  entered from the Sinai which has been under Egyptian control ever since Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin gave it to Egypt thirty years ago.  Therefore, Egypt is supposed to be responsible for security there, but we all know that Egypt has been in "turmoil" for months.

Egypt is on Israel's southern border, and there have been Arab rocket attacks on a number of Israeli cities in the south.

The crucial question is:
Can the Israeli Government connect the dots?


Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

9Batya -9 9ths is an intif9ada - y9o9 ysh9v n9ds99 t9o go into war mentality right now and if you can spare some prayers - to please send some to the South ASAP. What is happening here will spread to every corner of Israel within hours. Drop the gov. It will not happen. This is directly between us and Hashem. Do you understand?

Batya said...

PQJ, in post-Biblical times, G-d has empowered humans and instructed us to act. G-d contributes "matching funds." It's not enough just to pray.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

This is NOT about *just* praying. This is transformation of the SOUL. Complete 180. If it's not done, we're done. Help will NOT come from man. Help will ONLY now come from Hashem. This is the final battle. It is not like the others proceeding it.