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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

About That Norwegian Camp...

In case you haven't yet heard, the kids who were shot down and killed in that Norwegian camp weren't playing a simple game of dodge ball.  They were practicing how to infiltrate Israel.  In their games, Israel is the enemy.

What Were Those Norwegian Kids Doing On That Island Anyway?...
by Dan Friedman
Glad you asked...
The main activity at the Utoya Island Meeting were mock "Break the Israel blockade" games.
Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls a visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

[Obsessions of one sort or another seem to be a Nordic tradition. Still, that’s no excuse for massacring your own people. df]

Dan Friedman

The picture was forwarded to me by friends, and then I googled the caption in order to get a postable copy and found this short little article.

Just that you know, this is the type of group that sends Europeans to help incite the Arabs to be more aggressive against Israel, especially against Jews in Judea and Samaria.  I guess they had never expected to be targeted in their own country.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't happy about this slaughter. Nor did I feel even a flutter of grief when I found out who these kids were and the country they are from. Nothing..


Isak BK Aasvestad said...


if you don't feel "even a flutter of grief" over CHILDREN being slaughtered in cold blood at a summer camp, just because you dislike their political views and/or nationality, then you lack empathy and basic human decency.

You should be ashamed of yourself! (But I guess your personality disorder har deteriorated to the point where you also lack a sense of shame.)

Anonymous said...

I didn't celebrate. But you're right, I felt nothing. Just as your people and leaders feel nothing when Jews are slaughtered by Palestinians because they have a "good reason" to kill Jews. You and your 'tolerant' people have been in bed with Hamas and Fatah for a long time. Your blond, smiling diversity embracing (except for Jews and Israel))country and Parliament is infested with government sanctioned antisemitism. You snuggle up to Arabs who plot the death of Jews! But hey, Palestinian have a "reason" - it's okay. I should mourn people who conspire to bring harm to my people? Who love the people who slaughter Jewish children? Do I mourn the death of Hitler youth? Not so much. So who is lacking human decency?

Isak BK Aasvestad said...


I am a Jew. I am a Zionist.

Shame on you! Shame on you!

Yes, as you say, you are EXACTLY THE SAME as those moral degenerates who, because they disagreed with their political views, "felt nothing" when the Fogel family was massacred in Itamar.

You disgust me! You're not part of my people!

Isak BK Aasvestad said...

And not only that, by comparing the Norwegian Labour Youth, whose views on Israel I strongly diagree with and utterly reject, with Hitler-Jugend who participated directly and actively in the murder of European Jewry, you are in fact trivializing the Holocaust and belittling the suffering of its victims! Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I upset you. But how can you call it "summer camp" when Fatah shows up and teaches the participants how to harm Israel? Summer camp? Fatah KILLS JEWS!!!It was political indoctrination! Again, I didn't say I felt joy or celebrated or clapped my hands - or passed out candy. I felt numb. It was shocking, yes. You ask me how I can equate their behavior to Hitler Youth? They gathered together with terrorist entities - for the goal of bringing harm to Israel. They have been - Norway has been collaborating with Muslim terrorists to bring Israel down. They invite FATAH!!!!! To a children's summer camp? Again, I'm sorry I upset you but I think you are being too hard on me..

Isak BK Aasvestad said...


Netanyahu has also met with FATAH!!!

As did Olmert, Sharon, Barak, Peres and Rabin before him.

Cristina Canziani said...

These comments by Anonymous make me wonder whether in order to "love" Israel we Jews must first become everything we despise about those who hate us. This type of idolatry cannot sit well with Heaven.

Moshe said...

Cristina Canziana and Isak BK

I don't usually comment, I was provoked to.

Why do you think "anonymous" is a Jew? He/she is probably an xtian Zionist. Most of Pam Geller's fans are xtian Zionists, note she bought a link from Pam.

Read anonymous's post carefully, the words were:

Just as your people and leaders feel nothing when Jews are slaughtered by Palestinians because they have a "good reason" to kill Jews.

"Your people" means he/she is not Jewish. More reason why we should be wary of this kind of "support".

Batya, I would recommend you have registered membership and not allow comments by anonymous people.

Batya said...

Cris, a doesn't have the guts to reveal an identity. I am not replying to all this nastiness.

JDL London Canada said...

Batya as inference into this thread, somehow the JDL got slandered in all of this for which we are suing the CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corp.). We weren't even in Norway but we are labeled as 'terrorist' by an 'expert' ...


Batya said...

jdl, good luck with the law suit.

Batya said...

Moshe, I just rescued your comment from the "spam." I did try it, but got complaints from regulars. It's a tough call.

beakerkin said...


I understand the feelings of anon.
What happened in Norway was a crime.However, if the shoe was on the other foot and yet more Jews were massacred by Arabs many of them would be rationalizing it. Of course on a human level we can't sink to the inhuman level of the demented far left.

Israel has done a very poor job dealing with the far left. Its labor government did next to nothing when red army loons from Europe and Japan butchered Jews.

Israel needs to stop apologizing for its existence.