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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Social Justice" or "Baseless Hatred*" With addition

Latma brings up some very good points about the true agenda and unbridled hypocrisy of the Israeli campers demonstrators.

I've been reading Baseless Hatred- What It Is and What You Can Do about It by Rene H Levy, Publisher: Gefen Publishing House in order to review it. The media-supported anti-government demonstrations don't appear to be related to "social justice." Actually, they seem to demonstrate more "baseless hatred." In an In Jerusalem-Jerusalem Post article, Pushing the boundaries By SETH J. FRANTZMAN, which I can't access online because it's in their pay-for Premium category, there's a quotation by a protester:
Seri thinks that one solution might be withdrawal from the west Bank. "If we leave the territories, the country will have more money to take care of the people. A different government, I think, might be willing to leave the Palestinian areas."
Duh!? How would that save money and make housing cheaper? Just before that, Seri complained about housing costs:
Seri, who is an engineer, thinks the solution is "to open the lands and lower the taxes."
How could shrinking the available land and adding more people in need of homes fit his solution? That's a recipe for higher prices.  And considering what it is costing Israel to defend itself in the south after banishing Jews from Gush Katif and giving it to the Arabs, how can anyone think that expelling hundreds of thousand of Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley would improve Israel's financial situation?  And I'm not even going to get started on the security situation...

Even worse, more proof that there's baseless hatred behind all of these faux social justice demonstrations. My Israel, a right wing group tried to join on the condition that the National Anthem, Hativka would be sung, but the organizers refused.

I heard the reaction of their protest leaders when some Israeli Right tried to join, and I was horrified.  They were rabidly opposed.  It was pure hatred.  Even the journalist interviewing them seemed surprised and tried to get a logical reason why they were restricting their demonstrations. 

This news report gives an idea of how the Left-wing protest leaders aren't interested in anyone who doesn't follow their party line.  Of course the clip gives the impression that the government is spending money on housing in the yishuvim.  That's false, but the picutes are powerful.

I'm pretty sure I heard it on the radio and can't find anything to link as proof.  If you can help, please add it in the comments.  by chance I found something, but I'm still looking for more. Thanks


Hadassa said...

Here's a link to an article describing how left-wingers tried to set fire to a tent set up by right-wingers on Rothschild Blvd. (Hebrew only)

Margalit Tzanani spoke out against the protest and there's now a fb page requesting that she be removed from the judges' panel of "Kochav Nolad".
http://www.inn.co.il/News/News.aspx/223926 (Hebrew only)

Amnon Abromowitz is calling on the government to take funding from the hareidim, the settlers and the tycoons. He himself is a highly paid employee of (Israeli) Channel 2. (Hebrew only)

I'm sorry that it's all from INN, but no-one else is going to have the information in Hebrew.

Batya said...

Thanks, of course English is even more slanted in favor of the protest. NIF trains them well.
The interview I heard was even "funnier" than you get on Latma. Yes, it was in Hebrew.

Hadassa said...

Here's something in English:
The Jerusalem Post also has a good article by Sarah Honig, in English:

Marcel said...

The appeasing the US,EU,UN policy of Netanyahu and Barak in sending aid,just too many to count unrequited 'goodwill gestures' and support to Hamastan,Gaza (who have called for Israel's extermination) and to Fatah has serious blow back on many fronts especially the economic one in which all Israel suffers for his very bad decisions.
You can't build up the enemies of HaShem and not suffer.
How blinded with hate are the campers who do not see that by betraying their brothers and sisters across the green line they are bringing sure and swift divine judgment on their own heads.
September will be eventful.

All of this is happening just after he rejected Lieberman's sensible and wise attempt to investigate the funding of the many groups of traitors of the Israeli left.
It is only fitting that those leftist whom he protected and supported while he betrayed those of Judea and Samaria bring him down.

The pride of man will be humbled And the loftiness of men will be abased; And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
Isaiah 2:17

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

It's a distraction - nothing to even notice. Keep the focus on the Ikar. It's too easy to keep looking at what someone else is doing - how they're doing it - it just keeps us less involved in the moment and where our attention needs to be - and that is creating a bond with Hashem - of the heart.

That's all that is required of us - this circus is nothing more than what it appears to be.

Hadassa said...

Words of wisdom from Rav Eliezer Melamed:
(translated into English) http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/10475#.Tj3W0iydnKw

Batya said...

Hadassa, thanks. I hope that others are checking out those links.

Marcel, PQJ, things are looking very suspicious here. This is all being promoting so strongly by the Left and the media.

It's not the whole population, just one loud sector in actuality.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

The question you need to ask yourself - is what is it about this that you're fearing?

What's going to happen as a result that hasn't already begun 20 years ago?

Batya said...

"fear?" me? no, that's why I'm home. There's something crooked, rotten here that foreign govts are conduction policy through NIF, Left and media. It's modern imperialism if you understand the concept of invasive foreign rule.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...


Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

Just by looking at this as being more than what it actually is - an illusion - you give it power. Fact is, it's nothing. None of it is real. This is not the reality of Torah. Just for today, put your Bitachon 100% in Hashem and look only to Him to see Truth.

Batya said...

What wasn't real was that all those poeple last night were there for politics. Most were there for the free concert.