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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who Elected Them?!

The Left is demanding to take over the Israeli Government!  They control the media and universities.  This is very dangerous for Israeli democracy.  It breaks the Left's "heart" to see the latest polls and the election results each time, so they're doing their best to rule in the streets.

That's the truth.

Tent Protesters Threaten Government
Tent protest leaders say they will not talk to the committee appointed to deal with them.

Protestors try to disrupt housing deliberations

Social protests face next challenge: Loss of interest
Now of all times, during the moments that are liable to signal the protest's gradual end, its leaders must continue to invigorate the language that is taking shape under them.
Haaretz Editorial

Holon slum's tent city nothing like Rothschild Boulevard
Jesse Cohen slum is home to a far more desperate side of tent city movement, where hard-luck stories far outnumber acoustic guitars.
“I’m telling you, if a solution isn’t found, this will all explode. You’ll see real violence, any moment now.”

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