Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The "Right of Return," Jewish Rights to The Promised Land

Arlene Kushner's latest research paper about UNRWA for David Bedein's Israel Resource Review is full of facts we must digest.  It appears that the basis for UNRWA's refusal to just resettle the Arabs in other places is based on their mantra "the right of return."

Now, let's get to some very simple history. 
  • The only people to have an independent nation based on common history, culture, religion etc in this part of the world, middle-east, with Jerusalem as its Capital City is the Jewish People.  For any other group to claim rights is pure identity theft.
  • The Jewish Religion is older than the Christian religion and both are older than Islam.
The Bible (Jewish Bible) is a historic document and ancient writings which chronicles the Jewish People and its attachment to the Holy Promised Land.  That's the basic summary, main idea of what's written in it.

As a Jew I demand RIGHT OF RETURN!


Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

very good, right to the point!

Batya said...

Thanks, to me it's a very simple issue. We, Jews, have the primary rights and must use them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Batya,
To me what binds the Jewish People to The Land is not so much 'history' as it is the Torah. For were it solely for historical reasons then some people could claim to be descendants of any one of the seven pagan nations who were living in the Land of Canaan. This bit of history is recorded in the BooK of Law (which is not really the true translation for Torah.
What is your opinion?
Love from 'down-under'.

Batya said...

a,who/whatever you are...
There has always been a Jewish presence in the Land and cities of Israel, Jerusalem, Hebron, Gaza etc. yes, all over. Only the Jewish People have a continuous unbroken history as a people and connection to the Land.

Anonymous said...

"The only people to have an independent nation based on common history, culture, religion etc in this part of the world, middle-east, with Jerusalem as its Capital City is the Jewish People."

This is false. The concept of "nations" is a very modern one and is extremely ambiguous. Did global jewry ever think of themselves as a "nation" during the time between their expulsion by the Romans and zionism? Furthermore, how do we define a "nation"? Are Brits, Danes, Swedes, Germans, and Dutch all part of a single "nation" since they share a common germanic ancestry? What about Turks, Mongols, and Koreans (since they are linguistically related)? If we define "nation" by sharing a common culture, then wouldn't Ashkenazis have closer ties to Eastern European cultures, and Mizrahis be part of the "Persian Nation" or "Arab Nation"?

As far as I'm concerned, nationalism is just tribalism with states (which are artificial and illegitimate entities in themselves).

Anonymous said...

You are totaly wrong MR Anonymous; on your uneducated opinion that a nation is a modern concept! The concept of Nations is a biblical concept and if you were less PC and more educated, not only on Torah but HISTORY, you will find that even the concept of a great nation in the scriptures is based on nationes that has occupied Jerusalem! Also consider that the Romans had nothing to do with the children Israel been "scattered" withing the "nations"! That was all G-d's doing!!! But like the scriptures say "He will leave a remanent of Yudah in the land for the sake of HIS name"; my older brother Judah was always there! The bible/Torah is the oldes Land Tittle in history you like it or not! It is my land and the land of the childrens of G-d scattered withing the nations. Soon G-d himself will do our Aliyah for all of us in exile and no one in the world or HELL itself will prevent this to come to pass!!! Israel & Jerusalem is his capitol!!!

Batya said...

a2, thanks for answering a1, but why can't you guys give yourselves names?